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perhaps the scariest prediction, this isnt nostradamus

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Guest beardo

i get the jist of what might be going on there, but i think your link is a bit confusing, is there a better one to whatever started that whole situation?

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Guest fr8lover

dont sweat it, player.


from alt.prophecies.nostradomus


My, my we do get wound up over nothing don't we?

Now is where I pull out my Usenet experience to do a little myth



Xinoehpoel - spelled backwards is Leo Phoenix - an infamous Usenet

sock puppet and troll... He has a long established history of bull****

on Usenet.


The address - tesnal@psl.moc is not a real domain. Reversal gives you

lanset@lsp.com, a known bogus addy for Leo Phoenix although it is a

real domain name. As a sock puppet - Leo Phoenix is all the time

coming off the wall with crap like that and is a constant source of

amusement. The timing was way off and his foolish attempts to try and

connect his BS from Aug 30 to todays events is absurd.


There's also a posting going around attributed to Nostradamus. It

references the twin brothers being torn apart in the city of York by

chaos - supposedly written by Nostradamus in 1654. Only 2 problems

with this. All of Nostradamus' works are written online at several

sites and are easily searchable. He NEVER referenced the city of York

- the writing is not Nostradamus.


Oh yeh - Nostradamus died in 1566 making it highly unlikely that he

wrote anything in 1654.

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Guest beardo

well, that clears that up


[This message has been edited by beardo (edited 09-12-2001).]

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i was under the impression this was a hoax. if not it's rather scary but i wonder how much could be lost in translation to english.

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Guest fr8lover

read my thread above...


people got in a fuss about this leo phoenix guy, even i started doing some research and saw his posts on lots of newsgroups saying the same ol stuff, but these went back from june, july...etc


hes trolling the usenet boards trying to cause trouble, and hes talking alot more in alt.prophecies.nostradomus if you want to read his posts


want to REALLY be weirded out?


check out http://www.sollog.com


now thats a weird motherfucker.

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