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Daze One Million

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see, deto doesn't type in pink to be cool on 12oz, deto types in pink because deto like's the color pink. weather the others members of 12oz think it's COOL or not, deto likes it and that is all that matters. deto also talks in the 3rd person because also in real life deto will talk in the 3rd person around certain people, (god deto's ex hated when deto talked in the 3rd person!) this isn't the first time that deto types in a different colored font, back in 2002 deto typed in black, (kilo remembers, and wants deto to go back to that steez!) deto went away from the 'ounce for about 6 months, and when deto came back he didn't wanna bite what was now mr.yuck's steez, so deto decided to type in his second and now favorite color, PINK!

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Originally posted by Telo

Not that i have any input.. But no, your signature is way long and your comments are of youngster nature.


actually if you look through out the board you will see that i have quite intelligent input, hence the "wise one status" which was given to me, besides if you dont like the sig you can turn it off...no one really cares bout what telo has to say, also one last thing if you're cool you're cool, you dont need people to tell you, you obviously missed the joke seems like to me you have a brain of a youngster

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