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Guest BROWNer

the revolution will not be televised

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Guest BROWNer

anybody seen this docu?

saw it tonight at this little "cafe"(an empty basement),

pretty tasty shit..the filmmakers originally went to

make a documentary on chavez, and ended up being

in the middle of a coup d'etat(the first of 2 or 3 now, i think)

that made big phony headlines back in 2002....

the usurper, pedro carmona, immediately

nullified all of chavez's policies, dissolved the congress,

canceled the constitution, and on private television, which

dominates venezuelan airwaves(and subsequently reflects

the interests of the wealthy elite), proclaimed that the

majority of venezuelans supported the coup(while

hundreds of thousands of chavez supporters, predominantly

dirt poor, rallied outside the presidential palace).

i leave the rest up to you to see/read about..go see it if you

get a chance.


BBC]http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/1985000/vide...last_vi.ram]BBC report(by jedi reporter greg palast..12:58, realplayerstream)[/url]

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Guest BROWNer

yea, i don't know what's going on with it,

it worked the first time, second time it didn't..

you can go here and try..

bbc reports are down the left side..

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thanks browner.

that report was fucked up..

people said iran, maybe syria, possibly s.korea was next after iraq


little did they know..it would be venezuela!


oil for us


i grow more dismayed, disgusted with the bush u.s. all the time.


i'm gonna have to check that docu now.

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Shit you can't be serious.... They are really going after Venezuala??



This is so predictable.... I knew they had been having problems with them protesting and all the attempted coups and what not. Their oil/state system.... I cannot beleive this.

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Guest BROWNer

just recently the anti-chavez opposition, advised by external

allies(cough-US-cough), openly announced their plans to NOT

recognize the verdict of the national electoral council. so, they

are going so far as to threaten the 'institutional life' of the

country if they do not get the telos of their referendum, which

of course aims to remove chavez from power and reinstate

the hierarchy of power to the minority elite. ultimately i think

the opposition, knowing full well chavez has way too much support

to get him removed, is trying to create a chaotic situation worse than

any venezuela has seen to justify foreign(cough-US-cough)

intervention. how fun.

i bet we're gonna see some major shit going down soon.

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