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men in black 2


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update they have also just realesed big chill,


Internationl Graffiti movie featuring:

21.st century

T-KID, Loomit, Bates, Zedz, Gor, Dejoe, Ken20, Tiws, Chico, Tomek, Rhyme, Mixer, Elow, Cash, Havok, Hek, Smg


...just writing my name...

Daim, Osgemos, Kacao77, Kaos45, Amok, Khan, Scum, Scout, Deko, Neon, Seak, Can2, Bomber, Scotty, Rüdi, Codeak, Tomek, Chico, Rhyme, Wow, DeeOne, Cash, Hek, Marok



enjoy again =)

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Guest imported_b0b
Originally posted by DIESEL_CITY

yea i made a vcd of MIB2, a lil while go and give a few copys out... and recently read on WWW.HURTYOUBAD.COM, that it was doin the rounds and that there are a few more copys around now lol


also hasnt MIB3 been realsd? any1 post me a link where to get it from would be great, thanks


Men in Black is out now, available at all the usual places.


Also I'm the person who posted on HYB and I wasn't talking about MIB2, as that has been doing the rounds on Kazaa and Soul Seek for a while now. I was talking about a vcd of MIB3 which was out there for review purposes. That one is definately not going to be stuck up on Kazaa, the MIB boys deserve some cash for doing such good videos. Go buy MIB3 now!

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Originally posted by trainspotter

Can someone point me in the right direction for a good uk store that sells graffiti videos at good prices?


coverage, nottingham, dont no how many vids are in now but its usaully stocked up with every video........20quid straight

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