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Word the fuck up! (regarding the CD MAP Antitrust Litigation)

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Well I had forgotten all about it, but a long time ago I had received word that there was a lawsuit being filed against major recording companies for allegedly getting together and raising the prices of compact discs..... well I signed up on the website, it was a sign here typa thing...


Well today, I get this letter in the mail, it reads:


February, 2004


Dear Texas Music Purchaser:


As Attorney General for the State of Texas, I am pleased to

enclose payment for your claim in the settlement of the

Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation.

This lawsuit was brought by the Attorneys General of 43

states and three territories and by the counsel for Private Class

Plaintiffs on behalf of the purchasers of music CDS. In

accordance with the terms of the court-approved settlement,

payment is being made to music purchasers who filed a valid

and timely claim.


Whether you filed your claim online at the settlement web

site, www.MusicCDSettlement.com, or by mail, the attached

payment represents full payment of your portion of the

Settlement. Please note that the attached payment

instruments must be cashed by May 20, 2004.


It is a pleasure to bring this matter to a satisfactory

conclusion and to return value to consumers who purchased

CDs while the challenged pricing policies were in effect.


Greg Abbott

Attorney General of Texas


I got $13.86 in beer fucking money word the fuck up!:mexican:

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:lol: Good times.


Don't ya love shit like that?

When you put on some clean pants......only to find 5 bucks in the pocket. :lol:

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I got $13.86 in the mail just the other day too. Used it to buy some rechargeable batteries and about 5 pitchers of beer on penny beer night. Wonk.

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i got mine the other day and paraphrased it in some thread. since i'm a jr., my dad almost cashed it (got himself stabbed). caught him in time though.



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i got my check in the other day. i must have been really drunk and sceptical when i filled it out, though. it's made out to my dog:


Mr. Dub U. Lator





that's a 6'er and a pack of smokes right there ... free too. wish i would have taken it a bit more seriously

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i got this the other day too and it was awesome... i collected on my very first class action lawsuit! i thought i'd never see any money from it, it had been so long.


and in a way, it's like i didn't. in one hand, out the other. to the credit card co. that shit is such a racket.



"welcome to the real world, SUCKER!" - mission hill

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