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Well, Aroe got arrested on ashford station in 89 and he grassed up raid who was just a nobody. Raid then gave up so who's laughing now? Real gangsters just have to do what they have to do, and if somebody got to take the blame for something so be it. Raid could never of burned Aroe in a million years whether he stitched him up or not. As Cope 2 says "you can't make a omlette without breaking a coupla eggs son".




I was on the internet and saw this post so I thought I pop my head in

Hi guys and girls as you can guess I am an old guy from these days


matter of fact I used to know all these guys you mention


Raid Aroe and lot of others in the Kent area back in the day



I was a London lad which moved to Kent in the 80s and in 1988 I started to do trains

and these guys was all doing stuff at the same time I do want to say the true story of

back then because its got twisted over the years and to be fair I believe in what is right


hence saying my 2p worth now


Raid "Andrew Gooding" I will always remember his name for years later on you will

see why ;)




a lot of of us was active at the time in Kent nearly all of us got a shock of our lifes at the time because

someone leaked info to the police and I can put my life on this it was not Aroe which has been

said here and on the internet,


I have been inactive since 1990 and the reason was because Raid had grassed Aroe up and by pure luck with myself he didn’t know my full name also at the time I stopped there and then and never did anything ever since


Aroe in my lingo "was decent i.e. the code" he never grassed like that Andrew Gooding



it was known knowledge at the time Raid did it


to keep the record straight here what happened


Andrew Gooding “Raid” got caught stealing a bike, a stupid bike of all things and he grassed up Aroe also to note the officer at the time

was PC Sharot I am sure that was the name


also I like to add this Aroe did get ARRESTED & CHARGED I am sure it was 22 cases of criminal damage Arresting officer was D.C. Oaks, if any of you want to check the history I am sure the courts keep records if asked? Because its a public record


in 1990 Ashford Kent Magistrates Court Sentenced Aroe for 6mths in prison suspended for 2 years


I know this well because not just me but others wanted to catch up with Raid and give him a hiding at the time, I do know 1 thing 1 of the writers did get hold of him at the time and its not my

way to give this info out because I don’t want a trace online to confirm what happened and get the person in trouble all these years later but Raid did get his comeuppance by 1 writer



I really didn’t think all these years later I be saying all this on the internet

hay we didn’t even have internet back then or mobile phones he!he!

And at the time we was just having fun as teenagers


Anyway hopefully this will put a closure on this?

I will say this the truth will always win


I am sure if you contact the courts all what I have said will be confirmed


I hate the law and I hate grasses sadly that Raid ruined a good time for

most of us back then when he opened his mouth

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