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old school walls england

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Originally posted by nG@Jun 25 2004, 11:31 AM




thats it. i hope the captions and details are coming out ok. just yell at me if you want any text clarified etc. also, no disrespect to the individual artists but i haven't got time to scan each flick.


apologies for the loading times too.



...they were the days....Robin Hood City Rocked..... :king:

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Originally posted by plymski1@Oct 26 2004, 03:04 PM

nice to see this thread back again. that 'eyes' is fucking clean. looks too new to be as old as the late 80s


I think he got done for this one too. :haha:

Naughty naughty!

He's got plenty old flix, will have to get some more off him

for this thread.

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Is there a time limit for editing your posts? Just noticed that a couple of the flix I put above are infact by Part 2 in York. :dunce:


The second one is Part 2, York.

The third one is TCI, Sunderland.

6 and 7 are Part 2, York.


New baby, brain mashed, that's my excuse :haha:


Hopefully more soon...

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Originally posted by MajorNumnuts@Feb 24 2004, 06:48 PM

Popz 100 from ma shoebox of flix used to have a load more but ditched them along the way had a finished copy of the vietnam wall back in the day.......Popz was on point with his hammerite outlines the definitive UK paint.


<img src=http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/photos/home-popz100.jpg>


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Originally posted by Locofanclub@Oct 30 2004, 06:11 PM

Lesta,got any old St Marks/Caper/Artism stuff to post?



have got most stuff that was done by them lot but put them up when this thread first started . they have turned to red x's now or whatever . can put them up again if no one is to fussed with them being posted twice :chicken:

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post em up man used to spend most of my days at st marks got some shit from there me self.. and im lovin the york fotos 'sime' that is one of my most memorable graff events.. york got sacked.. i remember goldie selling his outlines and the new york subway times i had to get mine...

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Nice thread, what's left of it! Shame most of the pics have gone. Couldn't believe it when the first pic of the thread had an oldie of mine in it.


The second one is Part 2, York.

Definitely? 'Cause it looks more like a Style Starz/ARTcru (Shine/T-Roc, Tuf Tim & Easy) piece to me.


Anyways, here's some Manchester shit from the late 80's that I've posted on another forum before, but fuck it.












Easy, Tee-Roc:


























Buck & Haze:








Various TCS crew:











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