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quit smoking...

Guest --zeSto--

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Re: how to quit smoking...




1. Slowly reduce smoking habits with extended gaps which will minimize addiction to cigarette smoking.

2. Keep some chocolates or chewing gums with you. Whenever you feel for smoking take one chocolate or chewing gum and keep in your mouth and concentrate in your work.

3. Whenever you feel to smoke immediately leave your room and do some physical exercise which is helpful to forget smoking.

4. Avoid company associated in smoking habits.

5. Avoid to inhale smokes from any smoking person surrounding you because indirect smoking will also be addictive and harmful.

6. Don't keep cigarette packet along with you.

7. Make a tour program in high altitude mountain trekking. In high altitude you will feel no urge to smoke. If you can spend a week in such high altitude place you can quit smoking. If you can motivate yourself after return at home that will be the best opportunity to quit smoking for ever.


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i quit smoking cigarettes recently.


it actually wasn't that hard, I have never tried quitting before. I smoked cigs from 11, and i'm 26 now. I didn't use patches or anything, i was sick with the flu, and cigs tasted terrible. I went 3 days without smoking, and didn't even notice the 3rd day, so i figured fuck it, might as well quit.


It's been about 3 months now, my wife still smokes, most of the people i hang out with smoke, it's just weird because cigs smell like total ass to me now. I don't have too much of an issue with it, the only time i "crave" cigs now is when i'm drinking, I took one puff off my wifes cig at the bar a month or so ago, it tasted horrible, i got all dizzy like i was a kid, and it was harsh as fuck. Never again.


I'm thinking of changing my weed smoking methods as well, i smoke a box of 30 blunts in like 3 or 4 days... that can't be healthy.

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been almost 2 weeks. im done hacking up all the shit that built up i think. sense of smell increased. i cheated twice and didnt finish the smoke both times. i think i might stick with this. and i smell smoke on other people.. like.. strong.. didnt realize i smelled like that.. whatever.

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just did 3.5 months, with the help of a friend. dude comes into my bar after hours and starts smoking again on sunday night, totally gave up on the pact. A few hours later, I took a drag(not a whole smoke) but in my book that's back to square one.

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I think the problem is in the "I quit" mentality. There are things out there that are just as harmful as cigarettes that you don't stop using forever e.g. fast food and alcohol. Sure you may make it a point not to consume them in large amounts but you dont consider having one on ocassion as relapsing.


Smoking one cigarette doesn't have to send you back to square one.

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I'm going on close to 20 years of smoking. I'm definitely feeling the wrath and know I need to stop..


I've stopped cold turkey with cocaine, pills, and shitty women..I know this can't be that hard.

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Yes, it's challenging to do. I'm on 7 months now, not one cheating puff ever. I quit cold turkey and it wasn't easy esp. the first couple weeks and then now and then while drinking beers and other times that I'm used to smoking.


I'm at the point where it basically smells bad and I never want to smoke again. I feel better and it gives me an added sense of badass-ness because I control what I do and don't do.


And I'm like a rock star at the smoker's table at work. I still hang out there at break time because after 20 years, they are the only ones I'm used to hangin out with.

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