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stoner music?

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I went to go see Public Enemy last year. Flava Flav wasn't there. He was in jail... again.



Can someone list some good bands? I can use some new music. My professors are pretty chill this semester which means it'll be a stoner season for me. I know this sounds ridiculous and a total pothead thing to say, but I've been getting BETTER grades in school ever since I started smoking weed again last year. Maybe it is because I feel more content, and I can focus on details better when I'm stoned.

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Originally posted by furioussnake

listen to boards of canada when you are stoned, jeezuz


Oh god yes...listen to the rookie. Whenever I'm ripped, I listen to...


-Boards of Canada

-Sigur Ros


-Aphex Twin


-Postal Service


-Tiki Obmar (all you soulseekers need to dl this from me)

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If i smoked this is what i'd listen to:


Bob Marley likeyougottafuckingask


any other chill reggae (definately not fagfuck dancehall)


some red hot chili peppers (ahh memories)




and my favorite, erykah badu. (the album with bag lady on it, and the one with on&on)


basically chill music period.



i don't smoke anymore though, haven't in over a year maybe even 2. maybe i'll enjoy some when i go on my second honey moon which will be in jamaica and thats when all my kids are off to college or something.

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Originally posted by Pfffffffffft



The question dumped itself on me some days ago and after I puzzled about it for a while I started researching stuff and this much I can tell you, folks: Stoner-Rock is well dead. As dead as it ever was, actually, and withholding the little flickering of life between about 1995 and 2000 or so, there was never much live to it anyway . My main point is: those bands which were always around doing, what is now considered as Stoner-Rock, will keep on staying. But these bands, e.g. Cathedral, Scott “Wino” Weinrich, Sleep, amo, never made Stoner-Rock, they made Metal. Call it Doom or Dark or heavy as horseshit, it was metal. Those other bands, who infused Stoner-Rock with life are either all gone, like Kyuss, or moved on to other quarters - some doing interesting stuff like Josh Homme (Queens of The Stone Age), other doing just a heavier version of plain old rock’n’roll (these are too many to mention). Other bands, which are “new” and are helplessly filed und sold under the moniker, e.g. everything on Southern Lord, are also Doom-Metal or even Southern Rock or something else. Stoner Rock, my friends and fellow-victims, is dead.



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