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ipod or dell jukebox

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Originally posted by LaCosaNostra

neither- Nomad Zen Jukebox....dont have the money to get one, but have numerious friends who have one and love it- alot cheaper than the ipod also;ipod is a waste of money

no no, they break down badly.


Nice nick btw.

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Guest me IS cool

Ipod Pro's and Con's:


Pro: Slick looking design.

Pro: Easy to use.

Pro: Super fast uploading connection.

Pro: Can be used as storage, a separate hard drive.

Pro: has some simple games like solitaire for when your waiting or bored.

Pro: It has no actual moving parts so your buttons last longer.


Con: When you need to turn it off quick, forget it. You have to hold the play button until it goes off, or go into the main menu to turn it off. (which gets annoying really fast).


Con: battery runs out pretty fast. (especially if you use the backlight, and keep changing music).


Con: More expensive than the Dell DJ.



Uhhh.. that's all I can think of right now considering I'm still trying to recover from last nights drinking and partying binge. Feel free to add.



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Originally posted by JesusMachine

is this true? somebody say it ain't so.


i use itunes and i dont use the itunes store and i get songs in anyway imaginable cd, php, etc and im able to load them on my ipod only draw back to the ipod is the battery life and price but other than that i like it... other mp3 players have a 10+ hour range while the ipod averages around 7.


other players may have more gadgets built into it like a mic or an fm transmitter



the ipod is less bulkier and has lots of gadgets by other companies to go with it. like the dock, fm transmitters built in speaker set etc. etc.



i have a mac so i chose to go with the ipod but it works just as well for teh PCs

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I assume it's not replaceable, but I haven't had to worry about it yet. You can actually put any kind of file on it, for storage and whatnot. It plays mp3 and wma files. It also has a built in microphone that you can record to mp3 format with, but I've never used it. Thinking about trying it out at a show.

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