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Dad names son version 2.0

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Father Names Son 'Version 2.0'


A proud US father and self-confessed engineering "geek" has named his son after a computer software term.


Jon Blake Cusack, from Holland, Michigan, told local newspapers the US practice of adding "Junior" or "II" after a boy's name was too common.


So, when his son was born last week, he decided on the name Jon Blake Cusack 2.0, as if he were a software upgrade.


Mr Cusack admitted that it took months to persuade his wife, Jamie, to accept the idea.




Mrs Cusack said she asked several friends if they approved of the name.



If he has a child, he could name it 3.0




New father Jon Blake Cusack


All the men, she said, felt the name was "cool". However her women friends were less impressed.


"I think the women will end up liking it," she said.


Mr Cusack told the Holland Sentinel newspaper he got the idea from a film called The Legend of 1900, in which an abandoned baby is given the name 1900 to celebrate the year of its birth.


"I thought that if they can do it, why can't we?" he told the paper.


"Besides, I had picked out the theme of the baby's room."


New 'software'


After little Jon Version 2.0 was born, Mr Cusack even sent a celebratory e-mail to family and friends designed to look as though he and his wife had created new software.


"I wrote... stuff like 'there's a lot of new features from Version 1.0 [Mr Cusack himself] with additional features from Jamie'," he said.


And he is already planning for his son's future.


"If he has a child, he could name it 3.0," he said.


"The first [1.0] would have major revisions, then we have 2.0 and 3.0."



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