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The World Today....

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This is it folks...reality.

First and foremost, my heart goes out to all those who were killed in these recent events....my stomach turns with sickness.


Welcome to our world....we knew it was coming, and it has arrived. Our cushioned lives will no longer be the same...big brother just got the official okay to walk in the front door...expect a new level of security, and a loss of freedom.


Worse thing is, no matter what the government does to retaliate, these types of attacks will only increase in frequency. Those involved may be crazy, but they are the furthest thing from stupid...this was well planned, well bankrolled and the United States has begun to reap what it sows....


Where is the president ? Oh, he hiding out somewhere, because we all need to protect the most powerful man on the planet, right ? Wrong, he ain't shit, nothing but a puppet...any fucking idiot in a suit could do his job....so why doesn't he have the balls to take a firm and realistic stand ? Cuz he's a fucking chump who works for bigger suits...protect him my ass, he doesn't deserve it...he wants to be a REAL leader, then lets see him at the frontlines....

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Originally posted by raildeviant:

...expect a new level of security, and a loss of freedom...


the man who gives up his rights to get more security ends up with neither...



2 Can Sam

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Big Brother just got the ok...

...exactly.Freedom will go faster down the drain now.Expect more cameras,police,stricter gun restrictions,travel regulations,etc..

Super bummed all the way around.Not good.

And please do not just assume this has anything to do with the middle east and anyone who is middle eastern.There are people and situations going on with the ruling forces of the planet that we have no clue as to what is really going on behind the scenes.Look deeper than what we are being fed via our "media".We have been lied to time and time again and this is no different.IT WILL BE MOST INTRESTING TO SEE WHAT TYPES OF LAWS AND REGULATIONS ARE PASSED AS A RESULT OF THIS.






Too many questions, not enough answers.

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Manifest Destiny bites us in the ass. For centuries this country in which we live has profitted from the downfalls and exploitation of others around the world. We called it Manifest Destiny and we claimed all that we could. We turned the other cheek when it didn't turn a profit and we turned out a nation of self-entitled halftruth fed robots. My deepest sadness extends to the victims in this world of capitalistic humanity. No one deserves this. Please go out of your way to show everyone courtesy and love.

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