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near death experiences

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a co-worker of mine just got ran over by some reckless woman in her "brand new infiniti". she ran over a bus stop, a bus bench, and my co-worker bcuz he likes to take smoke breaks. he's a really nice, mellow guy who drives a norton motorcycle to work. why did it happen to him?

we are all too shook to work.

i hate bougee LA drivers.

then she says "my car was brand new!"

not even giving a shit about the person she just ran over.

i bet you she was on her stupid cellphone. dumb bitch.

at least he's alive.


i myself have never had a near death experience, have you?

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Originally posted by TURBOCAPSLOK



wish i could...unfortunately we were all working in our office when it happened.

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i've had one but i didnt get hit. one year as i was getting off from work (i think this was in 02-and the new years eve), and as i was getting ready to cross the street, some dumb ass in a SUV almost hit me. he came about an inch close to me. apparently the dumb fuck didnt see the red light and kept going. the guy behind me thought i was going to die.

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i was crossin the street and some dumb bitch was going like 80 so i ran and she hit me with her mirrior so i guese if i didnt run she mite have killed me but i still, have nightmars about that shit



third car been hit buy in 3 mounths i think ima start useing the side walk

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when i was 6 years old, i was riding my bike with my friend, and as we crossed a (residential) street, some crack-head motherfucker smoked me in his truck. I say "smoked me", but really, he was going too fast, saw us, slammed on his brakes and sorta skidded into me. But still, stupid asshead hit a little kid on a bike.


Strange thing is, i was perfectly fine except my left shoe fell off.. and it was laced up uber-tight.



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I was coming home from a wedding with my girlfriend at the time when some jack ass almost ran into us head on. It was on a 2 lane rural highway with no lights. We couldn't even tell that the other SUV was in our lane until it was almost too late. That had to be the longest 15 second wreck of my life. Shit went into slow motion. I remember thinking...you've got to be kidding me...this is how I'm going out? My girl went as far over on the right shoulder as possible. It was extremely narrow and dropped down about 15 feet...another 20 feet from the dropoff were train tracks...and we had just passed a train no more than 30 seconds before. Anyway...I think the other driver woke up from his alcohol induced nap just in time to swerve a little bit and give us the extra inches we needed to not get hit. When we tried getting back on the road (shoulder was gravel) we slid out and shot across the other side of the road...almost tipping over and rolling. We then went off the other embankment, missing a big ass ditch and rolling a good 20 feet up into the woods taking a shitload of small trees with us. We ended up stopping about a foot or so away from a big ass oak tree. That jeep almost rolled twice, but the only damage done was the tire that was peeled right off the rim. Put on a spare and drove home.

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i almost died last february 12th.

a VW bus ran a red at about 70 mph (according to witnesses) and slammed into my driver's side door without an attempt to stop. i was in the hospital, with a broken collarbone, 6 broken ribs and a host of other injuries..

but i had been knocked unconcious by the impact.

i woke up screamin gin pain, 3 firefighters getting me outta the car with the jows of life...they had to take the door off.

it was pretty bad.



but my real near death experience occured years and years ago.

i o.d.ed on oxycontins.

i was at work at the time..i was a baker on the late shift so i worked alone.

i was really fucked up.

it dawned on me that i was far too fucked up.

i decided to go get some food.

while in line waiting for my order from the burger king, i collapsed on the floor.

everything in my field of vision reduced to a black dot.

i started thinking "this is how i'm going to die?!"

i saw all types of shit in my head.

but it wasn't my life flashing before me.

it was my future.

i saw paramedics, an ambulance, an ER, my horrified parents trying to comprehend how i could have died of a drug overdose.

i saw my own dead body.


then i woke up on the BK floor.

two dudes were standing over me, looking worried..

one of em said "are you ok?"

a few girls behind the counter were staring at me.

a few other workers were still going about there business.

the manager asked me if i needed help at the same time that another worker turned around to announce he had some large fries.

i stood up, brushed my shit off, grabbed my fries and left.


i went back to the bakery and nearly collapsed again from exhaustion, stress, whatever.

i discovered that i had left something on an open stove, boiling furiously away to nothing.


oops. i lived it again.

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well, i was in another wreck that involved a huge vehicle running a red light to destroy my car.

plus i did have another drug overdose that involved PCP.

so that's 2 more off the counter.


plus that time i was attacked by a gang of children.

they put a gash in my head that required 12 stiches, plus 6 subcutaneous.

so 1 more down..


and that time i was rescued from nearly drowning.

that's the most afraid i've ever been of dying.

..1 more.


the accident last year changed my life, and me.

i'm still dealing with the fallout, actually.

it mellowed me a lot.

you know, don't sweat the small stuff, cuz it was killing me.


the drugs changed me a lot too, although the experience i'm not talking about had a huge effect on me.




i've never taken anything for granted though.


seriously though..now, every time i leave the house, i wonder if it's going to be the last time. that is very much a reality for me.

i have a postcard from these crypts in italy where the halls are decorated with bones, it's ornamental death.

there is a latin saying in that crypt "what you are, we once were, what we are, you shall be"

that sticks in my head now.

the postcard hangs on my wall right by my front door.

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oh yeah..

oxycontins aka OC's are dangerously delicious painkillers.


they are basically synthetic morphine.


if you ever get a chance to take them, adamantly refuse.

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