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Guest im not witty

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Guest im not witty

anyone familiar? its just a site where people submit their own letters, be it hate mail, long lost correspondence or love letters. and you can just randomly read them. some are funny, some are sad. all are a window into strangers lives. give it a look if it sounds interesting.

heres a sample.



before i take the crazy train to talky town, let

me first say that the cd is pretty fucking


so yea.dinner time. i thank you for

meeting/inviting me to drink alcohol and look at

mexican food. maybe your mom is right, and its

silly for us to do this, but i honestly dont care

at times like this. Elizabeth, my heart aches for

you, it really does, i can look at you and its

not hard for me to realize why someone would see

an aura of overwhelming sadness... all this

starting and stopping is bad for the engine, and

since we both know theres no brakes on this crazy

machine, how long before we're on the side of the

road with our thumbs out?

i lay in bed with bruised hips and let my

distorted imagination take all these things and

lay them parrallel, memories and hallucinations

cuddle side by side to form these beautiful

nightmares. but im not sleeping.

pillows and sheets are clumsily transformed into a

mock up of you to clutch for dear life, and my

brain plays host to dreams that are completely

out of my control despite the fact that im wide

awake. you rising from underwater depths,

shedding skin after skin, vomiting shoestrings of

color up towards the surface, blooming like a

flower, which i can only assume is excess pain

and past lives or some other related hokey symbolism.

where does this stuff come from?

i have no idea but theres alot of it.


so i sit with you at dinner, and gingerly trace

the edge of my plate or the tabletop as if its

the skin on your arm, and wonder when we are

going to be able to look each other in the eye

for two or more seconds. i think weve got the one

second steez down to a science..so you know, good

for us.

you have a generous heart B, and it hurts me

to see it take such abuse.

i dont know how to help you extract yourself from

these sticky and draining situations. its too

much for me to think about and im hardly involved.


your presence calms me, but the calmer i get in

it, the more filled with anxiety i get out of it.

so where to draw the line. it seems insane to

think that ive only seen you 3 times in the past

3 months, it feels like youve been by my side

forever. but thats just how it feels now, alone,

when you actually are by my side, its almost too real.

holy shit look at you, in all three dimensions!


fuckit. love. the.end.




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