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what is hell?


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anyway there is no such thing as hell...or heaven for that matter, no purgatory, no life after death....when youre dead youre dead, you wont know youre dead because in order for you to know you were dead you'd have to have some kind of brain acticity....and being dead basically means you got no brain activity...hell and all that were man made created ideas to explain what happens when someone dies because people are scared of death and want to believe there is something else to look foward too......God.....ha....i laugh in his face





the only thing you should believe in is your self

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When I was younger I saw the xfiles episode where scully is trapped in a coffin. I stayed awake for ages trying to figure out how, if I was trapped in a coffin, I would consider getting out.


Now that I think about it, that would be hell.

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Originally posted by Pfffffffffft

if you believe in reincarnation...some people may be living their hell right now..right here on earth...

like those diseased ass kids all starved in Africa

or people opressed and spend their whole life at war like in Somalia


damned evildoers

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hell is a place where you just float on a cloud and get to chill out with hendrix and play a game of pool or two with him.. you get served the best foods ever and just generally chill out like a king

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