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RIP Sam "Trout" Barbetta

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Our good friend Sam died on Friday the 13th of February.


We've known Sam since the first time we've moved in together. when i speak of "we" it means me and my hubby. we lived in the same building as sam and sam was a bike messenger for 7 years. he was a really good friend of ours especially my hubbys. we've had our fair share of memories with this guy.


sam and i liked eachother....we were good friends too. he didnt like me for a lil while but thats because he didnt understand some things about me. but we still maintained a friendship.


my hubby threw a surprise bday party for me on year. sam was there and throughout the whole night, sam and i talked about the misunderstanding. and at the end of the night, he kissed my hand and bid me a goodnight. that was the last time i saw sam and i'm glad that i saw him that night to straighten things out.


"July 27, 1977-February 13, 2004.


Airborne trouper witht eh elite 82nd Airborne Division of Frot Bragg, NC. Sam was a San Francisco bicycle messenger for seven years, a gear headed and extreme sports enthusiast.


Sam loved riding bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, and playing roller hockey. He was thrilled and honered to be an air-born trooper and looked forward to his next jump. Constantly taking apart engines since a small child, he applied this trade while serving in the U.S. Army......


...Because of sam's full organ donations, three lives have been saved, others will be enhanced." -SF Chronicle Obituaries


i will miss sam.



FUCK BUSH. fuck him. this makes me so much more angrier towards how things turned out. we never knew that sam would be a part of this and look how it turned out to be.

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