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Guest --zeSto--

the TALIBAN...

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Guest --zeSto--

I've been worried about this fanatical religious / political party for a while now.

It's relavant now because of the Bin Ladden issue.

He has been protected by the Taliban in Afghanistan despite an extradition order from the US.

Now he's suspected in the current terrorist crisis.


This is not a post about that.

There is another one.


"February 27, 1998 --Thirty-thousand men and boys poured into the dilapidated Olympic sports stadium in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. Street hawkers peddled nuts, biscuits and tea to the waiting crowd. The scheduled entertainment? They were there to see a young woman, Sohaila, receive 100 lashes, and to watch two thieves have their right hands amputated. Sohaila had been arrested walking with a man who was not a relative, a sufficient crime for her to be found guilty of adultery. Since she was single, it was punishable by flogging; had she been married, she would have been publicly stoned to death. "


There are currently Christian missionaries

being held in Afghan prisons because it's illegal

to preach non-islamic religions. They may be

put to death just for being christian.


"For women, the restrictions are even harsher. Female education, from kindergarten through graduate school, banned. Employment for women, banned. It's now illegal to wear makeup, nail polish, jewelry, pluck your eyebrows, cut your hair short, wear colorful or stylish clothes, sheer stockings, white socks and shoes, high-heel shoes, walk loudly, talk loudly or laugh in public. In fact, the government doesn't believe women should go out at all: "Women, you should not step outside your residence" reads one of the Taliban dictates. "


This is a gender apartheid.

This is a religious attack.

This is the country that Bin Ladden calls home.

oh lord have mercy.

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no offense man, but theres no reason to go condemning a whole country and trying to create a frenzy. the tali-ban is no worse than our government. if you wanna discuss this stuff, start it up in the other thread, but i dont think everyone opening their own little shop of paranoia will help any.

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