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We need a Top 5

A.K.A. Top 5

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How's everyone doing? Good I hope.

Shout out to my homie Roe.. warm weather soon will grace us.


Here it is, this weeks Top 5.


1) All Out War - Redemption For The Innocent


2) Madball - Pride


3) A Fire Inside - 6 to 8


4) The Swarm - November First


5) With Honor - Demo




All Out War - For Those Who Were Crucified (the whole album)


Madball - Semper Fi





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Welcome back A.K.A. Top 5. You last visited: 01-14-2004 09:54 PM.


5:The Hope Conspiracy - Regret Kills

4:The Promise - Pity For None

3:Radiohead - Karma Police

2:El-P - Stepfather Factory

1:Madball - Papa Mi Gente


Bonus: A T5 is bonus enough.



>Shellshock - It Matters

>Hatebreed - Another Day, Another Vendetta (yeah taking sick of it all lyrics and trying to make a new song out of it.)

>Evergreen Terrace - No Donnie, These Men are Nihilist.




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  • Elliot Smith: Miss Misery
    Dizzee Rascal: Fix up, look sharp
    The Shins: So says I
    Chingo Bling: What did he said
    Dj Danger Mouse: The Grey Album

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am i the only person that never remembers the names of songs?


all i've listened to recently has been different mixes of my band's five-song demo, trying to find all the little shit i can to make it sound better. then i have to try and explain what the hell i'm talking about to my guitar player, who has a degree in recording engineering. learning to speak nerd has become aggravating.

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Guest chicken bone

It's Been Too Long...


The Strokes - Automatic Stop


Pinback - Penelope


David Bowie - Ground Control To Major Tom


The Wrens - Ex-Girl Collection


The Wrens - Boys You Won't Remember




Big Tymers feat. Lil Wayne and Juvenile - Project Bitch


Le Tigre - Deceptacon




1. Lesbian Goth Parties

2. Getting punched in the face by my girlfriend

3. Polar Ice Vodka

4. Insanely beautiful 16 year old lesbians

5. Valentines Day (so weird)

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Guest im not witty

the mountain goats-no children

the mountain goats-linda blair was born innocent

bright eyes-one foot in front of the other

electric light orchestra-mr blue sky

cee-lo- ill be around



sid vicious -my way

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1.stars of the lid-austin texas mental hospital, part 3

2.our lady peace-stealing babies

3.massive attack-exchange

4.mogwai-heros of bmx

5.mars volta-Cicatriz E.S.P.




6.bjork-an echo, a stain

7.texas is the reason-boy blue





1.40 private stock to myself

2.friends paying for gas

3.crazy doctor

4.blond girl with guitar

5.getting up early and not feeling crappy all day

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

-A Perfect Circle, "The Noose


-Stage, "I Will Be Something"


-Noreaga, "Nothin''


-Big Boi, "Unhappy"


-Big Boi, "Knowing"




-Eddie Dee, "Los 12 Discípulos-Intro"

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