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Gambling Superthread

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Going to be on a gambling riverboat this week and kinda hype. Not usually my thing but this should be fun!

I played on pOkerstars came up a couple of hundos, I stick to charity tourneys tho, i've came 3rd 3 times and always lose with the best hand getting rivered out!!!


FUkin luck!


like Phil Helmuth says, "If there weren't any luck involved I'd win every game!"

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Originally posted by GucciCondom@Mar 29 2006, 03:07 PM

I can't seem to successfully get money onto Full Tilt.


I signed up for every type of thing like PayPal that they have listed and none would work.


I only have a debit card and not a CC so that option is out.


Odd. I use Neteller, and I've never had any problems.

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try epassporte.. but if your not gonna use your bank account then .. firepay and all are out.



<-- fulltilt, pokerroom, holdempoker, pokerstars




i do prefer full tilt though. usually stick to razz or stud games there.


nothing beats a B&M or club though.

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When online gambling first started, online gambling sites didnt realize all the loopholes there were, so this kid I know basically got a $20,000 max credit card with an ill flyer miles deal, would put down 20gs on chips, cash in and pay back his credit card. He is still flying for free to this day. Now that the sites and credit cards realized this problem you cant do it as easily.


Damnit. Id be on that shit foreal if it still worked.

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