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DrUnk MoNKeY

Girl's eye glued in drops mix-up......

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Girl's eye glued in drops mix-up



Michelle was treating Karen for conjunctivitis

A seven-year-old girl has been told she will not lose her sight after her eye was glued shut in a bizarre accident.

Michelle Skidmore, from east Cleveland, accidentally used nail glue instead of eye drops to treat her daughter.


Doctors have said Karen - who could not open her eye for three days - may have suffered a scratched cornea.


Ms Skidmore said the two containers were almost identical and she felt "awful" at what happened.


She urged other parents to carefully check medication before giving it to their children.


Ms Skidmore said: "On Friday she [Karen] was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and I went to give the drops to her.


"Unfortunately I had some nail glue in the cupboard at the time and I picked up that instead.


"When I realised what I had done it was too late as her eye was glued shut by then.


"She can see through her eye now, but it is only half open."


Ms Skidmore admitted it had been a "stupid" mistake, but was taking advice from Trading Standards and a solicitor about it.


She added: "The bottles are very, very similar in colour - they are both lilac and pink - and they have even got a similar logo on them.


"Trading standards have had a look, I'm seeing solicitors about it as well but I just want to warn other mothers to study medication very carefully, read the label twice if you have to.


"It was a stupid mistake, but if you see the bottles they are almost identical with the same nozzle and everything."

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This type of thing happens more often than you think. My dad had a patient that glued her eye shut, he tried different methods of getting it open without but then refered her to someone else who just ripped it open.

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You know that new bio-glue shit that they're using in place of stitches?

Well, once upon a time my grandpa fell over and broke his glasses and got a cut in between his eyes from it. He went to the hospital to get it fixed, and they used said glue. Well, before it had fully set my grandpa fell alseep and when he woke up his eye was glued shut. :lol:

It wasn't serious though.

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