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rooftop and billboards.....

JinkZ aNd BrainZ

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ok yea yea i know these billboards arent anything great just tags, but oh well they are ups. and i know the pics arent the greastest but i worked with what i could.... just lookin for insight on these. not sayin im the shit or anything this time just postin.... here goes....




here are 2 of the pics of the rooftop we rocked off of the highway.






these are 2 billboards we hit crims is on top and myself(jinks) is the one below. yea yea i know they are just tags but oh well they got up http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//wink.gif'>




oh well what do i know? im just a toy http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//wink.gif'>



jinks kra....


throwin one up for crims c.r.f.x. cba....

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Guest dukeofyork

hit some different spots...and try to keep your letter size consistent..

if you keep hitting up the same spots, or the same types of spots, you will get caught..

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I'm not going to say what everyone else has......I'm simple and to the point....you suck.....if you ever get high enough off the ground that the impact would kill you...please do the world a favor and pitch yourself in to the ground below creating something I'd rather look at then your shitty graffiti.

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Originally posted by SleepOnIt:

same roof top...same bull shit. ugly. i know if i took the time to get up that billboard and i was as bad as you and your "i have been writeing for ten years" boy...i would pitch my self off into the highway..



But you didn't take the time to get up on a billboard, they did. It might be uglier than my ass, but its there.


Jinks/Crims- You both suck, but at least you paint. Keep painting, but do it in secluded spots until you get some skills. You allready got some balls, you just need the skill.

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caught,.....? ok how do u all figure that? its not like i went and blew that spot up the very next day or right after it got buffed. it was atleast a month later oh well whatever you guys say http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//wink.gif'> i can agree with duke that if we keep hitting the same spot it'll happen. that was the only spot with double hits. contrary to what most of you think i am not stupid.


oh and nah, yousuck@life.com we havent bombed in NC. ive hit up bathrooms with streakers along I-95 but thats about it. why'd you ask?


but hey what do i know? im just a toy right?


jinks kra...

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