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What are you wearing

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Tan and Black Polo boots that are falling apart



old Levi's 569's with paint stains

a nike t-shirt

buttoned-up Brown corduroy shirt

brown and tan hand-knitted stocking cap




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Showing off my new tan with a California beach girl look...


-Red cotton tube top with navy blue trim. Sunset and palm tree design on my left boob by Roxy.

-Navy blue low-rise jeans by Levi's

-Black & white checkered Vans

-Squared brown tinted sunglasses with gold trim (very 70's!) by Gucci

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-kenneth cole deodorant

-aqua di gio

-black d&g intimo boxerbriefs

-dark denim 28x30 j.crew jeans

- black b.r. stretch undershirt

-black banana republic buttondown

-black express belt with large winged shield buckle (again)

-vintage christian dior necktie (black, dark red & gold)

-black leather b.r. slides


in pockets:

- black fake croc skin b.r. wallet with cards/ID/$41

- black coach keychain w/keys

- something that begins with "V"


drinking a mimosa and listening to "fashionist" by waldorf


this is getting WAY old



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Weapon X, I'm not a fan of vintage, used, or home made stuff. Me? Watch sports? Pshhh... yeah right! Of course Chanel doesn't know anything about baseball (and neither do I), but they sure have good taste in clothing and accessories.


I also don't believe in shopping at mass produced clothing stores (except Abercrombie because I'm "like totally a valley girl"). I bought a jacket from Banana Republic once, and for the next 2 months after I bought it, I saw someone wearing it. The jacket didn't look so good after that....


Devilush, that dress is definitely cute. I miss online shopping. My favorite site was www.shopbop.com



Fuck Ya'll/The Material Girl

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