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Guest BROWNer


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Guest BROWNer

well, i finally saw lost in translation last night, and

have a crush on scarlett now.....but, i was wondering

about some of the japanese culture that's featured..

or if it's even japan..can't recall, anyhow...anybody

here chilled in japan much? what's it like?

i'm thinking about some of the scenes..

like that dude talk show host that is way too energized

and annoying and does that hilarious 3 sec spazz/dance..

.....and the lady that

shows up in his room and starts flailing on the floor

and shit..and.....hours of karaoke...

shit is odd. really. not really, but kinda really...


now five minutes ago i'm in the babble, and i see

this, originally posted by mr. BAD RELIGION..







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Dude, as soon as I saw that picture, I knew that a ch0 thread would someway, somehow develop. It's extremely fucked up, although the look on the kid's face is a normal reaction to either a) scrotal burning or B) poopy pants.




Re: Lost in Translation - I loved the "rape" scene where Murray is doing nothing but trying to elude her grasp.



Okay, now back to the kid's face: "AAAOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Its so funny when i realise how stupid and american the word 'asian' is....after meeting people from these places i've realised just how different their cultures are...I think that lately we're having a japan new cultural wave(i'll call that tsunami from now on) hitting the west harder than godzilla.

The beggining(cinemawise) must been, with crouching tiger/hidden dragon..and from then its all uphill. The last samurai, Hero, Lost in Translation and many others i cant recall.


I have heard so many things about the japanese culture, both incredibly good and totally sick....my understanding is that they have good quality in good and bad...what bugs me the most is that they seem to be very dedicated to point its sickening, all that sepukku shit, the strike where you keep on working, the 3000 film rolls for a week in europe..aint no joke..i aint hating, i'm just saying.



And LIT is a fuckin awesome movie, i knew you'd dig it broskaya...oh, and that crush with Scarlett...its been 4 months for me...i think its permanent...


FUNNIEST SCENE(and completely 'copolla' if i may)


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