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Dik Upinia


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Originally posted by chumbawumba

Fucking idiot.


my only guess is that this is in reference to yourself and your gay ass name? right?

And you would have to be some fly by night temp living in NY for the time being [ Daddy paying the rent] asshole that really has no resect for the art or himself......... am I right so far? Don't front like you are from NY......

Probably got your shit dissed by the MAN.... know what I mean KID?


State your case if you are going to be/ act like an asshole.........There is all of the attention that you need......

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True King.....


All of a sudden I see a bunch of threads surfacing.... it's all weird to me....


This is a guy [OE] that has never been running around all up in the NY circuit, trying to be the poser that most cats are.

He is not an 'ARTIST' that some graff cat's are always claiming to be. He is a true atist. One that needs no advocates. [Look the word up dik headed toyz.]

I have never met the guy, or hung out with the cat..... but this guy does it all on the sheer truth of what an 'ARTIST' truely is..... he can't help what he does. He has no control. He just plain does it......He is........


You couldn't take a piss off of a NY city highway without seeing this cat off a side road.......

He was everywhere.... He taught true kings the meaning of humble, and still does......

Keep ya mouth shut, and do what ya gotta do........ Talk is cheap......


It didn't matter where, or what color this guy was.... he was up.........





You will still find him........



In the darkest corner....

off the dirt road......

OE is there......




Never loosing his mind.........

Just the plain LEGS of GRAFF...



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Originally posted by ZedIsDed

get some!



handstyles for miles OE Greenpoint (photo 1988)



OE near Red Hook Brooklyn Photo 1988



you know the deal! somewhere in Brooklyn

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Guest roger pitss

i hate it when i see rookies with fillinz over oe tags.


shout out to grandpah oe

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oh wow just cause he doesnt have mad flicks on 12 oz, hes not a true all city kings, hahaha, what the hell are you talkign about, is your head actually made of iron, maybe in the dirty south being an all city king means you have one more piece in the local drainage ditch what are you trying to say iron head

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