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Railroad maps


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Great RR Atlases and RR Maps too.


You can get great RR atlases and railroad maps from Desk Map Systems Inc., 3636 Executive Center Drive, Suite 150, Austin, Texas 78731. Telephone: 1-512-346-9330; FAX 1-512-346-9332 or go to www.deskmap.com.


The Second Edition of the "Professional Railroad Atlas of North America" is $74.95 +shipping & handling. You can get the 1st Edition for around $25. It's still a shitload better than what we had in 1970---"nothing" or if I was lucky, a gas station road map.


One poster wrote in and said "No way would I pay seventy-five bucks for a RR atlas when you can just go to the library and xerox them for a few dollars." Uh-huh. Well, I pored over my library stacks for several days and came up with "zip." The first $25 I spent with Desk Map was well-worth it. I got the 2nd Edition as a gift.


ANOTHER great source of priceless information would be to find someone who has a copy of the Crew Change Guide, and swear a blood oath to protect it with your life, LOL. A xerox copy runs about $10, to cover duplication costs.


With a copy of the PRANA and a CCG, you can go anywhere in North America, including Canada and most of northern Mexico.

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Originally posted by umpalumpa

MY LORD I think I just found a giant layup just outside of town because of mapquest.


props to the man who posted that link. :)


i'd be careful 'finding' spots via mapquest or terrafly etc..chances are someone else has already 'found' it. haha.. but then again..maybe not. who knows?

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