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The Flash Mind Reader


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Oh yeah.... I see. Yeah I was rather skeptical about something like psychic power being contained in a flash program. Next people will be saying they downloaded their soul. I'm still curious about the old soviet psychotronic devices though. Wasn't meant to really "capture" any kind of essence but manipulate. Maybe......


has something on this.....


I am a broken psychonaut

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Re: I figured out how it works


Originally posted by Crimsøn

Its always a multiple of 9,

the corresponding symbol (of 9,18,27, etc)

switches with each "reading"


Clever....I haven't seen this trick in a long time,

and I must say they executed it rather well.

Ultimately, it is still pointless.


damn, I'm an idiot, I didn't even notice they were multiples of nine.

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