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gay marriage vs. janets breast

the press

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ok, which is worse for the children to be exposed to?


i mean we have seen jantes tit being exposed over and over on all the networks, and everyone is talking about how bad it is...but its ok for them to be exposed to gay marriages?? i just wouldnt know how to explain that to a 7 year old....


which do you think is worse and why??

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just for being friends with dirty county or what ever the name is...the mods here are relentless, they will fuck your sister then make her ban you....they dont play....especially that misteraven......dont get him pissed or its off with the head


ask the other members they will tell you


anyone remember raize that straight edge kid???


didnt think so

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Originally posted by CinchedWaist

i thought this thread was going

to be a joke...

well, it kinda is.


:lol: :lol:


But really, I see no harm in exposing children to homosexuality. And her tits, turn on the tv and tell me how over-saturated it is with sexuality.


What's next blindfolds vs. book burning?

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there is no punishment us mods could inflict, that would rival the pain of the life you are doomed to live.


i hope you commit a very stupid crime, like robbing a bank with a note written on the back of your paycheck. then you go to prison and get ass-blasted by a straight man, who just wants to prove a point.


actually, no, i dont really care. but you are dumb, and this thread is just an extension of that.

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Personally i dont think either of them are bad, but thats just me. I think gay dudes should be able to marry. As a wise man once said "hey, whatever creams your twinkine man"


Janets Bood? come on now... we all have seen boods. Id rather have my kid see janets bood than watch that retarded cartoon network.. jesus christ that shit is brain washing..

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