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Poop Man Bob

_.____12.things - 12oz Photo Scavenger Hunt Pt. II____._

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Not sure what this is? This thread explains everything. Here's a brief runthrough nonetheless:


There are twelve categories. You will post one picture you have taken for each category, for a total of twelve pictures. Interpret the categories to your own desire - that's what makes this interesting.


The categories:

  1. transportation - [how we get from A to B]
  2. three - [self-explanatory]
  3. you - [a self portrait, someting that represents who you are]
  4. animals - [bark, meow, whatever]
  5. perveract - [candid girlie shot]
  6. Teasola - [12oz infamy]
  7. instant funk - just add water - [a true flick with a photoshop addition]
  8. intoxication - [self-explanatory]
  9. beautiful decay - [picturesque putrefaction]
  10. two o'clock - [AM or PM]
  11. movement - [self-explanatory]
  12. funk - [once again, self-explanatory]


Rules and Regulations

  • There's no deadline for entry - just add your pictures and bump the thread as soon as you can.
  • Film or digital (or both!) is fine.
  • New or old photographs are accepted.
  • Basic editing (cropping etc.) is allowed. Your items are supposed to be photographs, not digital manipulations so don't go nuts in Photoshop [except for the instant funk category, obviously].
  • Present your photos in any way you please that means you, coders!.


Photo host:




My contribution:



























Instant funk.








Beautiful decay.




Two o'clock.









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space reserved for Kilo's lazy ass who still needs to take the flicks

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awesome pictures!

i'll try to get my ball rollin...

i feel like apologizing on behalf of the 12oz

community for our lack of photos...

everyone but pmb is just excuses.:o

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Actually I'm just getting my camera in the

mail tomorrow..so I've got a legitment REASON.


I don't know what to say about the rest of you




p.s. I'll delete this post soon enough... don't

wanna ruin this thread with chatter.

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**space reserved for devilush**


i'm almost done....gotta get a couple more flicks then upload them. pmb that instant funk one is dope!

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Guest im not witty



ARRG. i was all ready to go and then the scanner craps out. bah humbug. ill be back around 530 or 6.

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PMB - I will make evry effort to contribute to this new thread. I've been really busy lately and thus i felt bad about not responding to the last scavenger hunt you came up with.


i've got some really great photos to contribute this time around including one tasty perveract shot.

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bumpoluffagus. I'd tell you i'l going to get these done soon, but its snowed like 20 inches in the past 2 days and its still going, so who knows. I will try, i will try.

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