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Nic Thamaire

By Invitation Only ( Graffiti crew tags Valentino)

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By Invitation Only

Graffiti crew tags Valentino


Friday, January 30, 2004


WHAT: Invite for the Valentino R.E.D. dinner and party.


WHO: New York graffiti crew IRAK hand-tags 2,000 party and 200 dinner invites.


WHERE: People’s Revolution PR office, New York.


STORY: Looking for an edgy angle for the party, Valentino USA contacted Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution. She suggested IRAK do the invites but warned the company that the LES graffiti crew had probably ripped off a few red carpet gowns from their stores: IRAK stands for “I steal clothes off RAcKs. Hey, we all suffer for our art…


KELLY COMMENTS: “I bought the movie rights to a story written on these guys two years ago in Dazed and Confused. I eventually met them and they were into it. We found this red plastic for the invite and then discovered there were only 250 pieces of the stuff in the world. Then we decided to do the dinner invite in red and the party in clear. These are expensive invites, they have to be hand-tagged, and then [professionally] dried before being sent out. I have to keep an eye on these boys though—they keep trying to add the odd vulgarity on an invite. I said it wouldn’t be appreciated.”


DASH FROM IRAK COMMENTS: “It’s going all right down here, having a good time and pretty pleased with the invites. We just spoke with Guy Trebay, The New York Times dude, about what we’re about. It’s cool.”


SCOOP: These are collector’s items, so hang on to them. Kelly claims they could be worth $1000 in an exhibition or make the perfect gift for the person who has everything.


ADDED BONUS: As a gift, the cantankerous crew is also tagging Valentino t-shirts to be handed out at the event.


THE DAMAGE: Tagged elevators and sticky fingers in the showroom.




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Originally posted by Nic Thamaire

IRAK stands for “I steal clothes off RAcKs."


Ah... no wonder they shortened it...

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These guys better still be around when the NY art world decides they aren't 'cool' anymore. Props to them making money.

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