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Swingers* Appreciation thread...

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In case you didn't know "Swingers" is the best movie ever. Available now for 9.99 on sale at Best Buy...

This movie is such a fucking classic.


Vince Vaughn is hillarious, Heather Graham is beautiful... What more is there to a good movie?


The scene when they're playing ice hockey and the delivery guy comes is some funny shit...


And then when he calls the girl 6 times pure genius.


And when they're at the bar and Trent and Sue are drunk as shit and then they go to the restaurant and Trent hands the dude in the next booth his whole plate of food and says "I could never eat all of that." And then starts dancing on the table yelling "I'm the asshole huh, I'm the big asshole."


Here is some quotable shit:



You're like this big beer with claws and




... and big fuckin' teeth...



... and teeth... And she's like this

little bunny cowering in the corner...






... And you're just looking at your claws

like "How do I kill this bunny?"...



...You're just poking at it...



... Yeah. You're just gently batting it

around... and the rabbit's all scared...



... and you got big claws and fangs...



... and fangs... and you're like "I don't

know what to do. How do I kill this




... you're like a big bear.





Our baby's all growed up... Look our little baby's all groweds up...


I don't know...


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