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T.T Boy

New jimmy hoffa Clue.

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heard about that on the radio today, id love to find out what happend to the poor old chap.


Liftoff. There was virtually no transition: the room broke up rapidly into hard-edged, earth-toned (green and yellow) patterns, and my conscious ego was instantly erased. In fact, there was no sense of self whatsoever; rather, I felt as if my body had atomized and I was part of the swirling mass of universal matter. Plainly put, I felt like I had died, and it was the most exquisite terror I have ever experienced. I was strongly aware of an Other, an ambivalent observer who was, I felt, chastising me for what I later realized was disingenuous motivation: the desire for a thrill. The Other was a kind of cosmic trickster, who seemed to be saying: 'You want to know what this is? I'll show you, and I don't think you're ready..'

I cannot think of any analagous experience, drug-induced or otherwise. The feeling was almost unbearably intense, and I felt utterly alone, merged with a kind of universal energy stream beyond our earthly dimension, a kind of agnostic reincarnation detached from any religious significance.

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dos....just thought id let you know i caught and e2e centerflow of yours today....mid east coast



brick, brick ,brick...thats how i be up against your girlfriends ass...

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