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deep sea nightmare

Guest BROWNer

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yeah man. ive read and watched some pretty weird stuff about the ocean floor. its like a whole different speices of animals down there. shits with eyes the size of basketballs cause its so dark.. as a matter of a fact, in alot of places they havent even come close to the ocean floor. so in all honesty, they dont know about what lies down there.

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Lifted from Comp's weird animals you didn't know existed thead.

Originally posted by Don't Panic

Meet another reason to be afraid of the ocean:


12-15' unknown spieces of squid

close-up video of it swimming


You know the giant squid? These are bigger, and much, much meaner:


People standing next to an immature colossal squid. This one is only about 20' long.


Shot of the colossal squid's claws. These things are reportedly like eagle talons, and can turn 360 degrees.

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Originally posted by Don't Panic

Not true, it just hasn't appreared profitable enough for the developement of a machine to cruise down there. Too bad.



oh thats good to know, i was under the impression that the presure was far greater than any metal or steal etc etc we could come up with.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Don't Panic is right... we have the technology to dive pretty much as deep as we want to, but it's still not profitable enough to warrant developing a viable solution. Though with mining of deep-sea vents that may change.


Here's the Goblin shark's more handsome cousin, the Megamouth Shark:












And a small cameo appearance by the Cookiecutter shark:




"Cookiecutter sharks are small dogfish sharks that attach to prey with the help of suctorial (aiding in suction) lips, and a modified pharynx. The cookiecutter removes a conical plug of flesh from the sides of the prey, leaving a crater-like wound."

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