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The show last night.

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I went to the Bottom of the Hill last night (a bar in S.F.) to see a show. this is what I think of the performances.


The first band, I hated this band so much I'm not even going to bother trying to remember what they called themselves. Actually, it wasn't they, it was a he.. with computerized retard beats and him shouting things into his microphone.. but it wasnt good shouting.. it was .. like crack induced shouting. He had two guys dancing around him and basically dry humping him... that was the extent of their 4 song show.


Willpower. Willpower was pretty awesome, Prince-esque music. One guy on the Mac/keyboards and one guy singing with background dancers. The dance routines look like some middle school girl came up with them after watching a bunch of Thriller-era Michael Jackson videos. This made the show even better.


Gold Chains. A husky mexican guy and a pretty obviously strung-out thin white girl. The first couple of songs were pretty good, very hip hop and I was digging it. Then it seems the little pellets filled with coke they were snorting when ever they had a break started to catch up with them. She dances around like.. well.. a chick on speed, rarely to any beat. One of their songs was them both repeating "mounds of coke in the V.I.P. room"... that's when me and my accomplices decided to take our leave. So they were good at first, but they fell to shit soon after.



I am so fucking interesting.

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hey there


...and why not link to the article which the GC image came from?

GC Recommended


Here's another review...


When GC and Sue Cie were over in the UK, we managed to catch him after their Birmingham show (with The Rapture). GC told me that people expected to hear the older hiphop stuff (like the quoted "i come from san francisco", which is fucking marvellous) but he didn't want to restrict himself - wanting to do loads of other things including psych and garage.


The "Gold Chains EP" and "Young Miss America" are well worth searching out...



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