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1970s polaroid camera question. help please...


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i aquired a camera very similar to this today, and after extensive searching on the internet i have found absolutely nothing to help me out as how to use it, it takes SX-70 film which i am hoping is still available. i have no idea what kind of batteries are required in it. anyone with any knowledge of these type of polaroid cameras, your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Guest imported_Europe

Old polaroid cams are often battery free, the battery is in the cartridge of film instead. You will probaly ahve a hard time finding film for it unless you get lucky.

Good luck though.

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Guest BROWNer

ah, i got a one step too, fucking plastic ass shit.

i bought 3 before i finally got one to work and wasted

2 cartridges of film testing them.


wiseguy, if you live in a good sized city just hit

up the yellow pages and call one or two photography

shops and ask if they sell the timezero shits..

if they don't ask if they know any other places that do.

you should most def be able to snafu some.

and just as a heads up, shit is pricey. the timezero i

get is 10 exposures @ $2/exposure:o

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nah, i dont have the box for it. i was in kmart the other day, and they have quite a good selection of polaroid film. so i will go in for a browse, i doubt any of the clerks there will now anything about polaroids though... there are a coule of good camera stores around the way though so i will get in touch with them. once again, thanks for all your help...

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Trust. I know for a fact that they no longer make the battery that comes with the film. We used them quite often cause they were extremely flat and high capacity. The FBI would use them in bugs that would plant on people because of their low profile.( I only sold the damn things.) I was trying to find this battery all over the country just recently, and believe me it's gone. They do make an alkaline replacement if that means anything to you..You can get them online from these guys..


The Power Source..

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okay i have bought the SX 70 film, wasnt too hard to track down, and here is my final stupid question, what do i do with the film+ battery cartridge? do i have to remove anything (cos it kinda looks like i do) or i just shove it in there as it is and its good to go?


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When I was a kid, the Polaroid Land Camera revolutionized snapshot photography. Because it did not require developing at a camera lab with it's snoopy clerks and lab workers, people used Polaroid cameras for sort of sexy porno shots at home.

The PLC was a big boxy affair, and I seem to remember that it used flash bulbs too. Each shot burned up a bulb. "POP" your eyes took like a minute to readjust. Everybody had those little red retina dots in their reflections when they came out with (gasp!) Polaroid COLOR Film.


As time went on, they came out with more and more versions of their cameras, each one smaller and more convenient than the last. My Dad was a commercial artist and he used them to shoot his friends posed for advertising art lay-outs. There was a kind of toy airplane that was made by the Victor Stanzel Co. that had me and all the neighbor kids on the box, flying their battery powered airplanes. I always thought they sucked. Later on, they came out with a better one that flew through the air after being launched off a spring-gun thing. That one was pretty cool.


Dad shot all the candids with a Polaroid camera, then blew them up in an Art-O-Graph for detailing and color separation, then reduced them when they printed the box. They do all this with computers now.

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