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12oz 20 questions

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i dont have aim at work :(


but you can ask me 20 questions on here......or anyone that wants to ask me 20 questions for that matter.

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PMB: smello.

PMB: 1) why are your legs on fire?

BOZACK: it arouses me

PMB: 2) does your mother kiss you with that mouth?

BOZACK: on my peener, yes

PMB: 3) have you ever eaten your own toenails?

BOZACK: no just boogers

PMB: 4) what album is in your CD player?

BOZACK: A.Re.E. Weapon





PMB: 5) last time you left your apartment/house, where were you going

BOZACK: the bannk

PMB: 6) have you ever questioned your own sexuality

BOZACK: i'm asexual

PMB: 7) when was the last time you flossed?

BOZACK: ugh...like a week at least

PMB: 8) does the room you're in right now have a window?

BOZACK: yes. i can see my cat pissing on the patio

PMB: 9) what is the largest animal (in lbs.) that you have killed?

BOZACK: a deer

BOZACK: i'm sorry

PMB: 10) when was the last time you cried

BOZACK: hmmmmm.....last spring? (depressed drunk)

PMB: 11) what's in your pockets

BOZACK: a lighter, a broken cigarette, and 13 cents

PMB: 12) have you ever thought about drinking your own urine?

BOZACK: yes but i decided it would not be a good idea

PMB: 13) smell your armpits. good or bad?

BOZACK: mmmm.....kenneth cole deodorant

PMB: 14) desert island book?

BOZACK: hmmmm

BOZACK: hmmmmm

BOZACK: hmmmmmmmm

BOZACK: fuck it i don't know

PMB: 15) do you regularly justify your thug?

BOZACK: i have no thug

PMB: 16) what is the name of your 4th grade teacher?

BOZACK: ms. roth. she fell on some frozen steps and broke her nose and it turned black and i laughed at her

PMB: 17) bar soap or shower gel?

BOZACK: both

PMB: 18) would you willingly give up your anal virginity for a pack of smokes? or, have you?

BOZACK: i have many times

PMB: 19) is brown the new black?


PMB: 20) last haircut?

BOZACK: end of summer

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here's a question for devilush: are you gay or bi? cuz i noticed you like to comment on how hot girls are...


sorry it's lunchtime and i have no money to eat

(actually i do, i just don't wanna spend it)

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couldn't be bothered to reach 20....


interview me kids : bobbylezbou


bobbylezbou: random questions is what it is

getdagat337: yes sir

bobbylezbou: meat or fish ?

getdagat337: fish

getdagat337: trout

getdagat337: mmmm

bobbylezbou: sandwiches or...... fish ?

getdagat337: fish sandwich

bobbylezbou: commuters or freights ?

getdagat337: commuters?

getdagat337: (yawn)

bobbylezbou: ahahaha

bobbylezbou: silly yanks

getdagat337: yes i am silly

getdagat337: was that a question?

bobbylezbou: no

bobbylezbou: an interjection more like...

getdagat337: ok resume sir

bobbylezbou: so... errr.... Europe or States ?

getdagat337: EUROPE i'm an ex-pat

bobbylezbou: which country ?

getdagat337: italy my friend

bobbylezbou: ok we're on 5

getdagat337: okay this is slow

bobbylezbou: hahaa

bobbylezbou: let me find inspiration

getdagat337: you may skip to number 10 if you like

bobbylezbou: favourite 12oz thread ?

getdagat337: hmmm.....wet t-shirt contest? i am entertained my all PGW and tease threads. the two are polar opposites.

bobbylezbou: what do you think of teases t shirt ?

getdagat337: good, simple, i wish him luck

bobbylezbou: would you consider yourself addicted to 12oz ?

bobbylezbou: (i.e, do you find yourself thinking "wait till 12oz hears about this ?")

getdagat337: no sir

getdagat337: i have quite a life

bobbylezbou: congratulations

getdagat337: thanks are you jealous?

getdagat337: HA

bobbylezbou: yeah, kinda

bobbylezbou: i wish i had a life

getdagat337: i'm sorry

getdagat337: i really am

bobbylezbou: do you like polar animals ?

getdagat337: no they are all white and boring

bobbylezbou: would you tell them face to face ?

getdagat337: yes. then i'd kill them and make slippers with their pelt

bobbylezbou: do you have any animals at home and if so, are they edible ?

getdagat337: yes i have animals. if you are chinese then yes they are edible

getdagat337: but my cat is very fat

getdagat337: not a choice cut

bobbylezbou: what do you think of midgets

getdagat337: HAHA that sounds awful

getdagat337: oh wait

getdagat337: midgets....

getdagat337: ugly?

getdagat337: scary

bobbylezbou: what sounds awful ?

bobbylezbou: (not a question)

getdagat337: "my cat is very fat, not a choice cut"

bobbylezbou: that sounds perfectly on point

getdagat337: ok i thought so too

bobbylezbou: are you wearing shoes ?

getdagat337: yes sir

getdagat337: nike trainers pink green grey

getdagat337: stinky

bobbylezbou: do they have stains on them ? puke ? paint ? mud ?

getdagat337: immaculate

getdagat337: but stinky

bobbylezbou: ...

getdagat337: ....?

getdagat337: are we DONE???

bobbylezbou: are you alone in the room you are right now ?

bobbylezbou: of course not

getdagat337: no my creepy brother just entered

getdagat337: i'm sorry i was confused

bobbylezbou: what's the worst kind of beating you gave your bro ?

getdagat337: go go go i have to interview someone hot when we finish

bobbylezbou: sorry its hard to find stupid questions

getdagat337: ehh i don't really beat him...just choke him. or rabbit punch him.

getdagat337: it's ok. i will change it to 15 questions

bobbylezbou: how far are we ?

bobbylezbou: 12 ?

getdagat337: i don't know

getdagat337: i'm done when you're ready

bobbylezbou: fuck it, 3 more


bobbylezbou: so....... how are you ?

getdagat337: you must act as though you love your job

getdagat337: i'm fucking AWESOME.

getdagat337: the end.

bobbylezbou: sorry this is my first day

bobbylezbou: are penguins fucking hip hop ?

getdagat337: it's ok you get a raise

getdagat337: for being so fabulous

getdagat337: no cos penguins are the sex. hip hop = the suck

bobbylezbou: last book you read ?

getdagat337: unless the penguins are raping the hip hop

getdagat337: fear & loathing in las vegas

bobbylezbou: the end

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Originally posted by slave_one

here's a question for devilush: are you gay or bi? cuz i noticed you like to comment on how hot girls are...


sorry it's lunchtime and i have no money to eat

(actually i do, i just don't wanna spend it)


yay a question for meeeeeee...


nope. i'm straight as the line cops make people walk on on the side of the road.


i like to comment on girls just because i can appreciate beauty and or hotnesssss. i appreciate how women look more than men.

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^^ yay! great answer dev, we have the same mind.

i too can appreciate how women look, and i like drawing/painting them more...

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^^ i like to draw women, i'd go to a strip club and do a figure study with movement.


never been but sounds like a good idea.


i don't have aim either. just slsk.

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Originally posted by slave_one

^^ yay! great answer dev, we have the same mind.

i too can appreciate how women look, and i like drawing/painting them more...


me too. i loved figure drawing class when women sat it. women's bodies are just so much more appealing to look at ya know? i like to look at pretty things.


i like going to strip clubs and looking at women too. plus, they pay more attention to girls if they are in the audience.

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Guest sneak

Sneak and Pinup....


PINUP says:

yo sneakers


P. says:

interview me!!!


SNEAK. says:

thats what ima do


P. says:

all right


S.. says:1) montana or belton


P** says:


P** says:

for obvious reasons


2) mcdonalds v burger king

- mcdonals

S. good choice


3) older vs younger women



4) thiery henry vs zidane?



5) ribena vs orange squash

Orange squash


6) smoking vs drinking



7)romantic walks on the beach or trip to the cinema and restaurant?

dilhs sdghmi dd smqi dsimosh


S.what the fuck?

that's my answer


8) what turns you on?

you, babe


S. aww, shucks


9) penguins or seals

penguins, dumbass


10) where do you see yourslef living in 10 years time?

i'll either be a succesful young man... or a lonesome alcoholic still obsessed with graffiti


11) settle down or party till you die?

both suit me fine


12) DIY or pay someone else to fix it?

DIY with toothpics, mc gyver style


13) brickslayers or metalheads?

brickslayers cause i can avoid the freight threads


S. haha, stick it to them yanks


14) big or 2pac?



15) blondes or brunettes?

brunettes are the hypersex


16) fav. 12oz member?

whoever keeps his own thread going


S.sly answer


17) should i take your advice on hair cuts and just shave it?

yes, shave it all


18) why do you write?

well, i think i write to try and transcend inter relations with the other. you know i find that writing, inter alia other particular expression and sometimes artistic medias are quite curious to the extent that the perception received by the other, whether he be him or her is totally ambiguous as opposed to classic relations in the social frame of everyday life, so, i think wriiting is a way to


bring the concept of freudian "libido" to a whole new level, you see, cause this new dimension involving secrecy and the fact of doing "something illegal" is really revelative - is that a word ? i'm not sure , it is in french, but hey, latin ain't all....i'm sure it's totally different in hungarian, or even chinese, what the hell, it's not even the same characters, you know ? - of how you can be p


perceived by the other.


S. dude, did you come up with that yourself?




S. nice one


19) jenna jameson or pamela anderson?

good ol'jenna


20) the olsen twins: yes or no?

if by yes you mean locked up in a cage and thrown gerbils at, then, yes

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THE CinchedWaist Interview


B: why does bush suck so bad?

CW: because he is satan incarnate.

B: YES! smart girl!


B: whoa!

B: sorry

CW: no religion

CW: yea, no screaming.

B: i'm so sorry. do you forgive me?

CW: possibly

B: please do...i feel bad. what kind of shoes are you wearing?

CW: black high heeled boots....come up to right under knee.

B: what do you think of donatella versace?

CW: thats a strange question.....mmmm, i don't really think anything of her. Except she looks a tad strange.

B: do you think i m faggy for asking questions about donatella and shoes?

CW: no not at all.

B: aww too bad. fav writer? (of books)

CW: oh, thats a hard one. *Ocatvio Paz (poet) and i went through a heavy anne rice phase. oh, and anais nin for erotic fiction. sorry.

B: no don't be sorry i find that very amusing. fav writer of graffiti?

CW: Twist and Fafi and Jase (chicago). and tons of others.

B: describe the poetry of Octavio Paz please

CW: aw jeez. i cant do that.

CW: not something you really can describe

B: whoa sounds deeep....i might have to investigate

B: ummm ever been to new orleans?

CW: you should. good stuff. i can't even begin to explain how his poetry makes me feel

B: i will do just that

CW: no. I wouldn't want to go for mardi gras, more for the cemetaries and whatnot. was supposed to go last summer actually

B: yes skip mardi gras. did you view my cemetery pics in my "bowels of new orleans" thread?

CW: no, i didn't see the pictures. But their not underground, right?

B: this cemetery is the only underground one in new orleans. it's an occult hotspot. you should check out the thread ("In The Bowels of New Orleans"

B: (shameless self promotion)

B: okay almost done

B: i am not asking 20. too long i'm sorry

CW: how many questions was that? clearly not 20!

B: i don't want to bore you!

CW: you bastard, you ask me 20!

getdagat337: okay okay have you ever shoplifted?

CW: seriously, i'm bored at work. I need entertainment.


B:have you ever shoplifted?

CW: yes, many many many atime. shhhhh

B: oooh i'm impressed....may i ask where?

CW: no way....too many places.

B: okay favorite place

CW: to steal?

B: i apologize for my preoccupation with clothes

B: yes

B: nevermind don't answer that

B: hmmmmm are you a user of illicit drugs?

CW: its ok.....hmmm....i really haven't done it in awhile. I am a good girl now. ok, i won't answer. don't want to awaken the lawwww

B: correct

CW: what is illicit, anything illegal?

B: yes dear

CW: i'm sorry. that word confuses me for some reason. yes.

B: ok nevermind

B: you don't have to answer that either

CW: i just did bozack

B: oh wait you did

CW: hahaaaaa


CW: this is crazyyyy

B: im stoo-ped. what drugs CW

CW: can't answer that. lets just say none of the hard ones. don't want to get too specific

B: okay good no celebrity drugs. if you could be wearing ANYTHING right now...

CW: saran wrap

B: HAHA yesssss

B: favorite place in the woooorrrllld

CW: that i've been to?

B: yes

CW: dowtown chicago...at night, in summer. home to me.

B: sounds fun. fantasy vacation spot?

CW: thailand or indonesia

B: favorite female 12ozer?

CW: devilush, all the way.

B: yes she is the sex. favorite male?

CW: thats a hard one...i can't answer.

CW: so many different characteristics

B: you are just being politically correct silly. i see right through you!

B: dream car?

CW: no, seriously. theres a few dif 12oz guys i find appealing for different reasons....and i can't give all that away!

B: ahhh i will honor that response

CW: dream car = cadillac...old, big boat one. light blue. huge.

B: yes fleetwood my friend

B: do you like mayonnaise?

CW: big car for a little lady. yea, i don't know all the specifics of a car

B: good choice

CW: yes, i do. Esp on veggie BLTS.

B: BLEEEGGGCCCHHH....but veggie BLTs sound goood

CW: they are. take it your not a mayonnaise person

B: no way man it makes me gag. but you are still the coolness. okay describe what you think i would look like (this should be funny)

CW: aw, shit bozack. i don't know enough about you.

B: guess! i have just interviewed you...you have a few things to work with...this was the question i was looking forward to most!

B: i want to compare everyone's responses

CW: hmmm, your white, i know.

CW: blondish blond hair, brown eyes....white skin, but you get tan. good sized lips. hair kinda typical, not too long or short. skinny. maybe a little muscle, prob not. big thumper feet (just playing). uhhh, and because of your name you wear lots of FUBU.

B: HAHAHAHAHA that's hilarious. however, no fubu will ever touch my body. have you not read my "what are you wearing" threads!?!?!

CW: did i get anything right?

B: white and skinny. that is all

B: but i must go. thank you for being an outstanding interviewee.

PolishVagabond: no, my friend, thank you!

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Guest sneak

ill be around for a bit on MSN if anyone wants me..


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PolishVagabond: hey, what are you doing

bobbylezbou: hi

bobbylezbou: who's this ?


PolishVagabond: this is cw. would you like to be interviewed or shall you interview me? pefect bored activity.


bobbylezbou: interview me, i did bozack

bobbylezbou: whats up cinched


PolishVagabond: ok. i have to muster up some good questions


PolishVagabond: how old were you when you first tongue kissed a girl?

bobbylezbou: mmmh

bobbylezbou: 13


PolishVagabond: what kind of deoderant do you use?

bobbylezbou: Nivea spray, it smells like what life should smell like


PolishVagabond: hmm, interesting. whats your favorite cereal?

bobbylezbou: corn flakes


PolishVagabond: with bananas?

bobbylezbou: no, raw

bobbylezbou: well, bland

bobbylezbou: plane

bobbylezbou: that's the word i want to be using

bobbylezbou: except i splet it wrong

PolishVagabond: plain?

bobbylezbou: spelt, that is

bobbylezbou: plain

bobbylezbou: damn

bobbylezbou: there we are

bobbylezbou: !!!


PolishVagabond: calm down tiger!! favorite zoo animal?

bobbylezbou: my english goes haywire sometimes!

bobbylezbou: penguins !!!!


PolishVagabond: what color are your boxers/underwear?

bobbylezbou: right now ?

PolishVagabond: yea

bobbylezbou: grey


PolishVagabond: jessica alba: hump or dump?

bobbylezbou: hump away!


PolishVagabond: like a doggie, awww. favorite sexual position?

bobbylezbou: sorry, talking to several people

bobbylezbou: uhm.... normal position, whatever its called in english

PolishVagabond: boooo. shall i wait till your done with them?

bobbylezbou: no its fine


PolishVagabond: alright, if you think you can handle the heat. Have you seen the movie HATE (la haine)? if so, did you like?

bobbylezbou: i've seen it like 10 times

bobbylezbou: which answers question 2


PolishVagabond: yea, i like that movie also. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

bobbylezbou: the center of a what ?


PolishVagabond: oops. I think that might be an american thing, wasn't thinking


PolishVagabond: sheeeit, this gets tough. how much money you got in your pocket?

bobbylezbou: sorry i'm not on the cutting edge of candy culture

bobbylezbou: i have check

bobbylezbou: to check*


PolishVagabond: am i boring you?

bobbylezbou: not at all

bobbylezbou: i just have to check in my stuffed pockets for the money


PolishVagabond: good. I would hate to be known as a boring person. take your time...

bobbylezbou: 20€cents


PolishVagabond: ughhhh these phones drive me crazy!!! ok, fave part of a woman's body?

bobbylezbou: i've gotta say i'm quite a sucker for breasts


PolishVagabond: breastesesess? favorite graff writer?

bobbylezbou: goooooooood question

PolishVagabond: kinda stole it from bozack but i prob woulda come up with it as well.

bobbylezbou: right now i'm into Heyst GGF/DFP, i guess....always liked O'clock.... Kegr also a fave....... i'm quite the graff nerd


PolishVagabond: speaking of nerds, favorite school subject?

bobbylezbou: whichever works out for me... philosophy - history - litterature


PolishVagabond: lucky number?

bobbylezbou: 8


PolishVagabond: interesting.....favorite porn star?

bobbylezbou: clara morgane


PolishVagabond: i really must get hip to porn stars...i only know of a few. anyway, any birthmarks?

bobbylezbou: i have a beauty spot on my right hand, does that count ? that's how i learned my left from right...


PolishVagabond: indeed, it counts....oh, i had a ques...i forgot it.....favorite part of your bod?

bobbylezbou: face, i guess... but i don't like me too much


PolishVagabond: but you should....do you have any bad habits?

bobbylezbou: i don't eat enuff fruits!!!


PolishVagabond: do your ears ever emit a green ooze?

bobbylezbou: more importantly, do yours ?


PolishVagabond: hey, your being interviewed!!! not me, slick!

bobbylezbou: no, they don't


PolishVagabond: damn. are you a fan of strange and exotic cheeses?

bobbylezbou: well, all french cheeses are not strange and exotic to me, but i'm a sucker for feta

bobbylezbou: pinup looooooves feta


PolishVagabond: and i loooooooooove pinup. It was a pleasure asking you 20 questions, please stop by again soon!


bobbylezbou: i hope i gave you good answers

bobbylezbou: mind if i add you to my list ?


PolishVagabond: go ahead...i'm always in need of good conversation.

PolishVagabond: and the answers were nutritious.

bobbylezbou: nutritious, haha

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S@T@N interview


MrScojangles: yeah yeah...so i'm bored and thinking maybe i should ask you 20 random questions

Chr0nicAttrition: well lets do it

MrScojangles: alright: well to start things of saucy, what do you think about tom brokaw or however you spell his name

Chr0nicAttrition: he's a moron and should not be in the news.


MrScojangles: so you don't get turned on to monotone voices i take it

Chr0nicAttrition: seeing as how I have a penis, no.

Chr0nicAttrition: haha sorry.

MrScojangles: no sorry here. Next question


MrScojangles: if you could neckstab one person and get away clean who would it be?

Chr0nicAttrition: glik0, and then I'd set him on fire.


MrScojangles: is it true that glik0 is actually a really small asian girl and not the guy he pretends to be?

Chr0nicAttrition: he's actually a mentally deranged russian midget hellbent on world destruction.

Chr0nicAttrition: his name is boris.


MrScojangles: thats mildly creepy. So about your affair with Whoopie Goldberg, can you give us the inside scoop on that?

Chr0nicAttrition: Why not, I got her *inside scoop* pretty easily! ::wink:: No, Karen is a wonderful man I'd like to spend the rest of my life with.


MrScojangles: Sephiroth vs cloud and boris combined, and they have light sabers. Who wins?

Chr0nicAttrition: Seph. ;-)


MrScojangles: what the hell is that goofy wink supposed to mean?

Chr0nicAttrition: I have eye cancer on my left retina, I can't really help it.

Chr0nicAttrition: Thanks... jerk.

MrScojangles: i'm...really....good lord, how about we just move on...


MrScojangles: If you had the option to eat a dog or a cat, which one would you go for and why?

Chr0nicAttrition: I would eat a dog, because then swif and his AZN family would accept me into their lives.


MrScojangles: you ever had any "strange" raver experiences with swif?

Chr0nicAttrition: No, just the normal E-induced glow stick sexual frenzy.


MrScojangles: 80s hairmetal or 80s music with keyboards and snare drums that have reverb

Chr0nicAttrition: Megadeth


MrScojangles: you ever heard of horse the band?

Chr0nicAttrition: never


MrScojangles: I highly suggest rocking out to the breakdown in the song Cutsman, it has some sweet keyboard. Best brand of soda?

Chr0nicAttrition: Cadbury... because Dr. Pepper is the best but it's not coke or pepsi.


MrScojangles: i never knew that...i guess i learn something new everyday. What did you learn today?

Chr0nicAttrition: I learned that old people in FL can't drive.

MrScojangles: pfff, bullshit you just learned that, everyone knows old people anywhere can't drive.

Chr0nicAttrition: I know.. I couldn't think of any other answers because I already know everything.


MrScojangles: so you're saying you're some sort of omnipotent type of person?

Chr0nicAttrition: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, without judgment.


MrScojangles: Omnivore?

MrScojangles: just say the first word that comes to mind

Chr0nicAttrition: Carnival


MrScojangles: Omlet

Chr0nicAttrition: Hamlet


MrScojangles: Oolong

Chr0nicAttrition: Pancake!


MrScojangles: Oofah!

Chr0nicAttrition: loompa


MrScojangles: alright. That about finishes off the interview...any last words?

Chr0nicAttrition: Yes, these three.

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The MEGA S@T@N interview.


Fattie Corpuscle: would you rather have a black eye or a busted lip?

Chr0nicAttrition: busted lip... who the fuck wants to be black ANYWHERE on their body

Fattie Corpuscle: haha

Fattie Corpuscle: i dont have 20 questions this might take a while

Fattie Corpuscle: Do you read books?

Chr0nicAttrition: Yes, a lot.

Fattie Corpuscle: dying in a plane crash or a car crash. Which is cooler?

Chr0nicAttrition: a plane crash, obviously. especially if while you're going down, you laugh maniacally at old people until they have heart attacks.

Fattie Corpuscle: haha excellent choice.

Fattie Corpuscle: do you smoke cigarettes

Chr0nicAttrition: nope, waste of everything

Fattie Corpuscle: Newports or Marlboro reds?

Chr0nicAttrition: Newports, because Marlboro's have the gay cowboy theme in their advertising.

Fattie Corpuscle: okay.

Which mod is most likely to get an anvil dropped on their head and why?

Chr0nicAttrition: This reply has been editted by seeking on 1-21-04

Fattie Corpuscle: okay. Which Hanson brother is your favorite?

Chr0nicAttrition: the jealous 4th one that is probably plotting his revenge

Fattie Corpuscle: hahaha

Fattie Corpuscle: why is al sharpton even running for president?

Chr0nicAttrition: because he doesn't realize most of his funding comes from white people who wanted to see a monkey run for president

Fattie Corpuscle: what is the best thing about being white?

Chr0nicAttrition: not being black

Fattie Corpuscle: ha

Fattie Corpuscle: if you had the chance would you punch some one in a wheel chair just to see if they could fight?

Chr0nicAttrition: no I'd be too busy pushing them off of something very high

Fattie Corpuscle: hahaha. good answer.

Fattie Corpuscle: Now for a tough one

Fattie Corpuscle: How come girls love to stalk me?

Chr0nicAttrition: Well, have you ever wondered why girls think Pugs are cute? It's the same concept.

Fattie Corpuscle: haha

Fattie Corpuscle: are you talkin shit?

Chr0nicAttrition: nope, I'm typin it homeska.

Fattie Corpuscle: haha okay fair enough

Fattie Corpuscle: which girl on 12oz has the biggest boobs?

Chr0nicAttrition: The cute one (You know who you are... call me ;-))

Fattie Corpuscle: haha thats a cop out

Fattie Corpuscle: okay

Fattie Corpuscle: what am i on now? 13? 14? shit.

Chr0nicAttrition: 14, if I count that as one question.

Fattie Corpuscle: okay then on to 15. New cars or older cars?

Chr0nicAttrition: New cars

Fattie Corpuscle: ever been fishing?

Chr0nicAttrition: Yes, many times

Fattie Corpuscle: catch anything?

Chr0nicAttrition: herpes.

Fattie Corpuscle: hahha

Fattie Corpuscle: rollerskates or the keytar which one is a better symbol of the 80's?

Chr0nicAttrition: keytar.

Fattie Corpuscle: awesome

Fattie Corpuscle: does that cartoon Family Circle make you angry like it does to me?

Chr0nicAttrition: Family Circle is a worthless pile of shit, if you want parenting advice get out of the fucking comics section you child.

Chr0nicAttrition: ...so, yes.

Fattie Corpuscle: have you ever noticed how they have the Familt Circus at the bottom right hand corner of the comics page? And then it is round instead of square which draws your eyes to it no matter how hard you try to avoid it? Is the creator a bastard or what?

Chr0nicAttrition: he's a marketing genius and all around asshole.

Fattie Corpuscle: and there you have it. 20 questions brought to you by mizter yuck

Chr0nicAttrition: excellent job, yuck. gold star.


Fattie Corpuscle. Get at me fools!!

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^^i dont have aim at work!!


home? but that wont be until wayyyy later.


i want those dark n serious questions! mememememe...

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