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Weapon X

CSI: New York

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Alliance Atlantis launches third 'CSI' show

Last Updated Mon, 19 Jan 2004

Dan Brown TORONTO – Canadian entertainment giant Alliance Atlantis will launch a third CSI series. It is expected to debut in the fall.

The two current CSI shows - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami - air on CBS. They both regularly place in the top 10 most-watched shows in the U.S.


The new CSI program will be called CSI: New York after the city in which it is set.


As with the two existing shows, Alliance Atlantis will co-produce the new series with the production company run by Hollywood heavyweight Jerry Bruckheimer.


The news, which was announced over the weekend by CBS President Les Moonves, comes as Alliance Atlantis scales back its Canadian operations.


Industry observers say it makes more sense for the Toronto-based company to shift its focus away from Canada.

"From a business perspective, they and Bay Street seem to agree that there's no money to be made in [the domestic market]. Or not enough money to be made," says Sean Davidson, news editor for Playback, a trade magazine that covers the television and film industry.


The company had its latest round of layoffs in December when it closed down Salter Street Films, the Halifax production company it had purchased in 2001.


At the time, Alliance Atlantis said one of the contributing factors was a downturn in the global market for TV programming.


Up until recently, Alliance Atlantis had a history of producing shows in Canada or shows for Canadian viewers.


Davidson says the firm's "bread and butter" were programs made in Canada for syndication, like Earth: Final Conflict. "They did a lot of shows that were either all-Canadian or at least half-Canadian [co-productions]," he says.


"With the exception of CSI, they're getting out of production pretty much altogether."


Davidson says one of the reasons for the decision to concentrate on CSI is that the government regulations for funding in this country keep changing: "The business answer is that the Canadian system is too mangled and the international market so weak, that they just can't support it."


In today's TV market, a new CSI is the closest thing to a sure bet for CBS. Having the CSI name on a show means it has an automatic ratings advantage.


"There's always some uncertainty as to how big the audience for any given franchise is going to be. Having said that, they pulled off the first two awfully well, awfully cleverly. The betting is more in their favour than not," says Jaimie Hubbard, the editor for the Canadian edition of TV Guide.


CSI: New York is the latest example of a new breed of spinoff. In decades past, a series would run its course before it spawned other programs. The practice now is for a network to create spinoffs while the original show is still going strong.


Moonves said the preliminary plan is for the cast of CSI: New York to be introduced to viewers on an episode of CSI: Miami in May.

Hubbard says it's possible there may be even more CSI shows down the road.


"The advent of a fourth CSI is totally dependent on how successful a third CSI is. Who would have ever thought there would be approximately 712 versions of Law & Order?"




For more arts news, listen to The Arts Report weekdays at 7:12 a.m., 8:12 a.m. and 5:55 p.m. on CBC Radio Two.

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I hope this show is gonna be a lot better than CSI: Miami. That blonde girl and Horatio Kane creep me out in that show.

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I love the CSI series and have been watching it since the start.

I do enjoy the Miami version but the lead (caruso) just isn't as

good as Grisom. However the women are much hotter in miami!

(that's probably the case). Sure I love the milf in Vegas, but mami!

that spanish woman in the 305 is so fine. (not as fine as Elizabeth Rohm

or Angie Harmon... but oh well)


bring it on!

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Nah, nah, nah, that blondie milf ex-stripper from Vegas takes the cake. So does that show. Miami is alright, but it’s got this thing to it…over-direction, or something like that. Always those stupid scenes with the music playing and that creepy blonde southern girl doing things at a table or shooting bullets into a dummy. I fucking hate her! And that black woman looks like Helena Bonham Carter’s character in the Planet of the Apes remake. Caruso has that weird voice. I’d make fun of him if he accused me of murder just ‘cuz of the way he talks.

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The Vegas one is pretty good, I hate the Miami one, though.


The thing that gets me about that show is that they are NEVER wrong. It's like everything just falls so perfectly in to place, all their wild hunches turn out to be spot on and they never make mistakes. As if.....


British shows like Prime Suspect and Waking the Dead are much better. Did anyone watch The Last Witness on CBC?

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I've seen them be wrong.


In on there was a rape/murder and they caught a guy with

the knife in his car and he was an ex-con. Everyone thought

it was him and they fought with the DA untill they found the dna

from his jizz didn't match up. Well eventually they got the right guy.



The thing that bothers me is how they dumb things down for

the sake of the audience when they wouldn't do it in real life.


I'm just dusting for fingerprints. Fingerprints hold up in court.


No shit! I'm a CSI too you know!

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nice kilo...thats one of the main reasons I watch CSI miami despite my distaste for Caruso.


I think 3 might be pushing it....4 is gonna be overkill.


When CSI: Mayberry hits...it'll be more than over.

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Guest 455

That sounds kinda fresh........I enjoy watching shows and movies that are even filmed in New York......the grittiness of the city brings a rough "edge" to any drama. However, I am a fan of Cold Case Files and Biography on A&E.

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