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http://smokinggun.com/# pretty dope site

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http://smokinggun.com/# good gallery, and codes section (whatever thatt is)


my dad actaully sent me this link. here is our conversation....kinda funny i thought


dad: Try smokinggun.com

Graffism: wish u were here?

dad: a local hot spot!

Graffism: ehehhe...litraly....(with a lingering british accent)

Graffism: were did u find this

Graffism: site

dad: You see, son, I was invited to a party on Sat. nite - Mortons to be specific, specializing in thick juicy steaks! (mortons.com). Hey, I was sitting next to a lady -- maybe an exaggeration, well, when she started telling me about her cigars ... I wondered, but, I digress.

dad: We started talking websites -- and I mean not your ordinary websites, but the kind of sites, that well, a lady? who smokes cigars would frequent . . . if you know what I mean.

Graffism: iono what you are talking about...hahah...i get it

Graffism: like a freudian interptitation of cigars.....ie. freud holding a cigar

dad: Wel after she bit down into her 35 oZ. pice of beef -- top sirloin, prime, she uttered a few choice sites, like smokinggun.com and urbanledgends.com. well, i knew I had a little research to do.

dad: I am getting back to smokking gun.com

Graffism: was that before or after you learning she had more BALLS than you

Graffism: ?!!?!?!?!?1

dad: She was actually women's amateur golf champion in CA.


after that it just gets boring...though u might care out there


edit:for you lazy fucks

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i just read that IM conversation and by the time the 10th or 11th line rolled around, i wanted to cut my balls off with a steak knife and throw them into the oven on 400 degrees.

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Originally posted by Don't Panic

So, does anyone ever actually read AIM conversations when they are posted? I sure as fuck don't have the patience for them.



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