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$1.99bn left to the Salvation Army

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the world hasn't gone to hell just yet.....




$1.99bn left to the Salvos

source: http://news.com.au/common/story_page/0,405...5E13780,00.html


From correspondents in Washington

January 21, 2004


JOAN Kroc, the late widow of the McDonald's founder, has left $US1.5 billion (AU$1.99 billion) to the Salvation Army, and the religious charity said today it was "humbled" by the generosity of one of the biggest bequests ever made.


The money will be used to develop community centres across the United States which will be named after Ray and Joan Kroc, the Salvation Army said in a statement.


"We are obviously thrilled, but genuinely humbled by the exceptional generosity of Joan Kroc. We recognise the deep sense of trust she has placed into our hands with this gift," said W Todd Bassett, the US head of the Salvation Army.


Joan Kroc died on October 12, 2003, and the Salvation Army is among several organisations that have received bequests from her estate. She also left $US90 million ($119.46 million) to National Public Radio, the US public radio service.


Agence France-Presse

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wow, i guess good news isn't that exciting anymore guys....


just to reinforce the story:


poor and needy people in the united states who are being ignored/screwed by the government will now get a bit of help.




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^^^ :lol: ....actually i heard she was an avid 12oz user but tried prmoting the salvation army, NPR, etc and was banned so thats why there is no money here:lol:

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From what I've heard, these community centers are going to be very taxing on the Salvation Army- the money left by Mrs. Kroc only covers construction. The quote I heard for running them was an additional $60 million... though I have no idea whether that is for each individual center (which seems rather high) or over all (which kinda seems low for a nation-wide community center program). But I have no idea how many of them there are going to be or any details about them.


So continue giving those guys with bells that freeze their asses off every winter your change.


Either way, kudos to Mrs. Kroc.

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