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Jamican Radicals go buzzurck in broadway, harlem

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Thousands of petty crackers where brutaly beaten to death today in Harlem New York. Reporter "Sharamala Crack-Death" says it was the result of several racial threads towards blacks on a online message exchange website known as "12ozprophet.com." Anne Whitey, a 24 year old yuppie pokking at black culture in a harlem shop suffers from a large steel beam being thrusted into her soft white manicured skin (head). Garthv Brooks was pulled out of a pick up truck on his way to New York up-state. Suffers from brain trama from several swings to the head by his OWN guitar. Many others wounded by this out-burst of rage.

What can we expect to do it about in the future? NOT BE RACIEST TO BLACKS ON 12OZPROPHET.COM. I am jennifer milkey reporting from New Yor.... GLAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *slash*

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UPDATE: "this is lance Brogan ace reporter here in upstate New York. An attempted racial overthrow of the dominant white majority here in this oh so famous of states has met with a quick and brutal end. After murdering thousands of white citizens in the seedy section of New york City known as "Harlem", black radicals swarmed up the interstate expressway with the intent on marching on the affluent neiughborhoods of upstate new york for an orgy of blood and arson."


"Fortunately the national guard was mobilized in time to send a brigade of thirty tanks to run over the angry column of black militants reducing them to the consistency of bloody black pancakes ala Teinemen Square. highway workers armed with snow shovels are one the scene as I speak to clean up the aftermath in a timely fashion."


"In related news, country singer Garth Brooks is recovering after being beaten over the head with his own guitar by black militants. Garth is quoted as saying 'I am at a loss for words. Some of my most ardent fans are from the black, Jamaican community. I feel betrayed.' "



The moral of this story........don't take things so seriously on 12 oz or you get crushed to death underneath the treads of an olive drab tank.....bitch.

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i love black people.



*edit, black hoes




*edit just alicia keyes

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