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Henry Chalfant photos!

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Originally posted by STYLEISKING


I recommend Beat Street and The Warriors.


"How the hell can you run a goddamn railroad without swearing?" http://www.photoarts.com/cooper/graffiti/artintransit.jpeg'> http://www.photoarts.com/cooper/graffiti/blade.jpeg'> http://www.photoarts.com/cooper/graffiti/madseen.jpeg'>


oof, it's tough to recommend Beat Street for ANYTHING except for good music scenes. that plot is TERRIBLE and the acting is, as we say, "gobbidge". Expect a lot of unbearable Rae Dawn Chong, fake stage-painter graffiti, and silly bullshit about falling in love, "selling out", a writer's tortured life and "turning New Year's Eve at the Roxy into some kind of funeral." i'm saying, this Harry Belafonte mainstream appication of "HIP-HOP" didn't age well at all.


"this job's been open to women for only six months and already we're in the goddamn toilet!"

"who's going to steal a subway train?!" -Fat Caz Dolowicz

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martha cooper and zebster,are currently working on a new book,should be loads of old school subway flicks incl...so keep an eye out!i saw a preview of the book,and theres a double page dedicated to the making of the duster seen ua piece from style wars!NICE!

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