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Just joined this forum seen how every ones always puttin each outher down thought i might as well get my dose of pain over & done with


1.Im a girl

2.I only use black and white

3.Idont know any other graf writters

4.When i told my friends they rambled on about defacing public property

5.I live near a train stop and havent done any thing about it

6.My room has a view (5minwalk)of a containerstop point which ive also done nothing about

7.I tryed to find out what maximum punishment i would get if i got caught

8 I do stencils of elvis.

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about #3-

I think its safer the less people that know you and what you write.

Once people get used to seeing your shit up for a while, being unknown is the best thing you could have going for you. Of course this excludes anyone close to you that you deem safe. I dont know maybe im just noid, but I want everyone to see my shit and wish they knew who was doin it. And keep doing/writing what you want and anyone that tells you different can shit off. (steps down from soapbox)

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Re: judgement


Originally posted by skankymaiden

Judging cause i wear goth clothes? There only clothes man.Whats a girl-writter suppose'd to wear anyway?short shorts?


depends, do you have the body for short shorts? ;)

im just fucking about, no it doesnt matter what type of clothes you wear. what, is there a dress code to write nowadays? baitheads, if thats the case...your all STUPID!

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good deal !! keep rolling with it !!


also stay away from the trains for a bit or spend the time to read all of cracked ass's threads in the trainspotting section. it will teach you the things you need to knows before walking into a yard.

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Idont know any other graf writters


i dont know any other writers in my area either. i havent lived here long but once belonging to a crew(at my old spot), i would have to say i like going out solo. i know there are a handful of other writers around here and if we ever bump into each other i doubt i would hide the fact that i am a writer but i'm not stressin' about finding some partners. speaking from both sides of the fence, i'd say writing alone is a strength.


I only use black and white


if you dont change up your colors, i hope you change up your styles or else what is the point. nobody wants to see the same exact piece over and over. give yourself options.


graff is a growth process, what you should do is print out a copy of this post of yours and put it away. in 2 years if you still write, take out that piece of paper and see how many out of #2-#6 & #8 still apply.


always puttin each outher down


thats just what writers do, friendly niegborhood jaw gymnastics, not meant to be taken seriously... unless...

hmmmmm... well some kids deserve brutal honesty.

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do you only do stencils? if so that would explain the black and white.

you're welcome to be here if you'd like, but as far as most here are concerned, the world of stenciling (in most cases) is a far cry from being a 'writer'.

the fact you came out with all of this was cool i guess, except i cant help but think you were looking to circumvent the anonymity of being a 'newbie' and create an awareness of yourself. a bad move if you want respect.

my advice is to use this place to learn before you go talking to much.

and get rid of the hot topic gear. in 5 years, you'll regret looking like a death-clown.



as a side note, everyone should be forced to spend a month of the year painting with nothing but black and white. it would quickly put an end to bullshit letters hiding behind flashy fills.

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Re: Re: to the are u goth post.


Originally posted by Kryl0n

ohhhhh dear, and graffiti is really your scene?:nope:


thats kile saying every writer has to kisten to hip hop becuase it goes together.....welll u dont have to graffiti is a part of hip hop but your not obligated lo listen to it cuz your a writer

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That's dope, "Black and White" can be look good (if done tastefully) and being a girl shouldn't effect anything, either positively or negatively. I hope you do well, but in all honesty, why the fuck did you post that?


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