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Harold's japs eye vortex aeronautical buisness

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I found this...


The butters adventure


Harold wasn't your ordinary japs eye collector, he only collected the widened japs eyes of eitheopian gaylords who practiced the tribally traditional art of pee hole fucking. This consisted of widening the japs eye through placing a sharpened monkey vertebrae into the errected pee hole, and then attaching it to a lathe and left to bath for 2 hours. The subject must do this while licking the arid anal of a albino zulu who's rectum had been blow dried for 5 years, this action will provide a release of a certain giant enzyme whos substrate happens to be a monkey vertabae. When the active size of the enzyme is full the urethral walls fasten them selves to the monkeys bone which is still spinning in the lathe, this creates a vortex of which power is unknown to mankind, the pee twists so much a mini black hole with the best suction in the universe. There fore this allows the gaylord Ethiopians must rest bite from a hard days altitude running in their hope to make it to the Olympics. The suction created in the japs eye pulls them in what ever direction they wish to run, as well has creating an original technique of gay sex with maximum friction with the use of a black hole.


Harold used these japs eyes in his fleet of aeroplanes; no one knew his secret, he used the suction power of the the japs eyes to propel his planes. Harold discovered this inexhaustible energy source on his safari trek when his wife stood too close to a de-urinating Somalian and was dragged into the pee-hole vortex. The somalian hadji was an outcast, he lied about being a eithiopean and even though he knew his japs eye was not up to it, he went ahead with the monkey vertebrae arid zulu licking ritual in the hope for a more adventurous Gaylord sex life. Only the eithiopeans could create the exact singular friction needed for the best jizz and not having their penis tugged off into oblivion. The death of his wife naturally infuriated Harold, having his wife sucked into a somalians penis simply due to hadji's greed. In the joust that followed between the two, Harold took care to tie himself to a nearby sloth who had admirable grip. Hadji tried as he might to suck Harold into his cock but the sloth was too sleepy, in the end after hours of jousting Harold managed to coax a heard of elephants near enough his japs eye to clog it for a split second where he paralysed hadji with a aridalising blow. The somalians japs eye was his, now he was in control of the japs eye. Once he realised the power of this somalian japs eye he gained social status within the english aristocracy by lending hadjis eye to jokeys of whoms horse he recommended to the lords and ladys. The Horse with the japs eye could never loose, Harold willed it to suck and it increased the horses horsepower 5000%.


He then had the opportunity to join a fellow's small time aeronautical firm. He used the japs eye to power the planes sometimes, this made great profit, but he needed more japs eyes. Realising that it was too dangerous to create and more somalian japs eye vortexes, he invested in the production on eithiopean and Bulgarian. The Bulgarian behind his side plan as a Bulgarians vortex created just enough suckage to power a milkfloat, as the battery powered ones were too environmentally unfriendly. Even though Harold needed twenty two eithiopean japs eye to equal the power of hadji's one, the factory produced two hundred a year, this was because Harold had to trixt the victims by straping on the somalian japs eye and pretend to be another Gaylord eitheopean, then at the point at which the victim would consent to the intercourse Harold with the use of hadjis japs eye could swiftly turn the prey around suck him in the the vortex making sure to quickly cut of the penis. This was not as easy as you may think, seeing as Harold had the features of a bleakly futured babbon, and the Gaylord eitheapoens found this a real turn off.


One day though, the chief of the Gay lord eitheopean tribe 'Itsnotaspear' got word of Harolds importing and disemcobulation of his tribesmen. In response he prayed to the zulu god to enable him to suck his entire genatalia into his abdomen, dick and all. The next morning his wish had come true, so he flew over to England that day on a palm tree with 10 gaylord eitheopean japs eyes genetically engineered into its trunk. There he set about beautifying himself into a sexy lady, where he went to the races and courted with the unsuspecting Harold, always praising Harolds choice of horse, which of course always one. They grew close together, and after four months Harold finally persuaded Itsnotaspear to join him for coffee, here one thing led to another and they wound up undressing each other in Harold's fourposter bed, he turned of the lights in fear of detouring Itsnotaspear by letting him see his red behind (baboon), Harold then continued to penetrate him or her from behind and finally he jizzed , it was his best jizz for he had not had the opportunity to since his wife perished. This was the time the chief had been waiting for, he rose up out of the bed with a light omitting from within him. Harold was petrified, as the chief hovered in the hair Harold realised the light being omitted was his actually radioactive jizz. The chief let out a almighty burst of gobalyguke and suddenly from his crotch, the hole Harold had been fucking influxed and a sack which was his ball bags dropped out with the putters radioactive jizz emulsified around it, then followed the japs eye which with one look, Harold realised was it was, he was sucked into the vortex ten times aster than his wife had been, in his last thoughts before he died he relised the chief was infact a Welshman.


By Mr FM.




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Guest sneak
Originally posted by Jackson



i havent heard that word in TIME! i remember when it used to be the worst cuss in the world (many many years ago...)

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