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south of the border music

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los amigos invisibles

los arteciopelados


i think these were actually recommended by someone here



i like some bachata - joe veras, raulin rodriguez hmm crap i forgot the other ones....


i wish i knew more, and more hot salsa stuff...

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Endel Dueño, "El Rey del Timbal"


checked it and you're right those drums are insane... i especially like the tin whistle ahah. no really this is nice.


exactly the hot flavor i wa looking for. when its 0 degrees outside i need some spice to warm it up. thank the lord i'm going to miami this weekend.


checked out Juanes - very good, that song a dios le pido kicks ass

mala rodriguez - i liked this too, but could only find like 2 songs but i'm looking for more. nice a mellow it will sound nice on my new whopper car stereo...


still looking for the others and more samba music


working my way down the llist of recommendations

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Guest imported_El Mamerro



Carnaval must be such an ill experience... I have vowed to go there at least once before I turn 30. Got 7 more years to go now...


Question ube: When you say Samba schools, do you mean a certain style of samba, or actual bands/ensembles? Cause when I run a search on "mangueira" I get a billion different things and can't tell what is what... seems like the word "mangueira" is usually part of song titles and stuff. Help?


Oh, and for the hell of it, I've decided to host the following song:



Ismael Rivera y Cortijo, "Perfume de Rosas"


This is Bomba, an older afrocaribbean rhythm that along with Plena led to modern salsa. It's a lot simpler and a LOT catchier, I fucking love this song to death for some reason, listened to it quite a lot during the aforementioned roadtrip. Hope you enjoy!

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carnaval is nutso. if u wanna go sometime i have some friends down there...


samba schools are the different samba groups/troups from the favelas. so say in the sambodromo each one of those schools will put on a big ass show that will go for like 20 min. they each have a song they play for the duration with like 50 dummers. so those names are the actual troupes. so mangueira is the group not the song name but can be in the name also if u do a samba search.


other ways to search


carnaval XX year, samba enredo


do u have slsk?


i checked the song, nice i like it a lot. i'm very interested in learning the progression of music and this is the kind of music i prefer actually. the new stuff is cool to but better suited for the car, not work.

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maybe try bezerra da silva - it's a slowed down samba, it's good

samba enredo is the carnaval samba



oh and i'd like to add tribalistas - new stuff, mellow borderline bossa but still mpb.


ok maybe to make it easier specific songs


carlinhos brown - magalenha or mulemba xangola - afro type drums catchy

beija flor 2003 - o povo conta sua historia - pure samba enredo example

bezerra da silva - maladragem da um tempo - slower non-carnaval samba

jorge ben - xica da silva - classic mpb from 1976

o rappa - sujo - from their older album, reggae inspired

cordel do fogo encantado - os oim do meu amor - med tempo i don't know what

gabriel o pensador - o resto do mundo or ate quando - i don't know what this is called either kinda rockish

e o tchan - danca do poe poe - fine example of axe


just some song examples i have more but i've forgetten them on my musical jounrney


ok i'm a little obssessive about this, i just found some brazilian disco music too. man

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Ive kinda fallen outta latin music, but ill still listen to a few bands once in a while...

-caifaines(jagures now...dif. band members same singer I believe)

-mentioned many times Pericos

-Ekhymosis (mexican rock I think)

-Joe arroyo

-Willie Colon

-Kumbia Kings

-Desorden Publico

-gypsy kings..(of course)

-think of more later

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Guest WebsterUno



Originally posted by Pistol

Vicente Fernandez and Chalino Sanchez for some tunes while smuggling "stuff" along the Tejas border.



"Por tu Maldiiiiito Amoooooooooor....por tu malidito amor."


That was my grandmas shit right there...god rest her soul.



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Los Tigres Del Norte - La reina del sur, is an awsome song. Talk about drug trafficing.

As far as south america, I have been listining to Astor Piazzola who composes Nuevo Tango, which is good intense stuff his best cd is Tango: Zero hour. Oh and the gypsy kings.


"Voy a cantar un corrido, escuche muy bien mis compa. "

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Re: Re: Re: south of the border music


Originally posted by El Mamerro


Endel Dueño, "El Rey del Timbal"




Can you please host this, I cant find it anywhere.

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don omar kicks much ass. it makes me feel like i should be out raising hell




i checked out Vicente Fernandez twas indeed some stuff i'd hear in tx

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