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Aerosol Warfare

CALL OUT to AEROSOL ARTISTS!! This weekend be a part of Occupy Houston . We are getting the word out to artists about participating in a 24-Hour long Live Aerosol Art Show beginning Sunday all day until Monday night! Artists can come and go as they please throughout the 24 hour time frame to paint live! contact aerosol@aerosolwarfare if your interested??


MY response...Why would you tarnish what is otherwise a noble cause by using this opportunity in history to promote your own selfish brand? What you are doing is completely undermining the entire movement by being OPPORTUNISTIC LEECHES to a cause in order to promote your brand, yourself, and your own agenda. If all of y'all at aerosol warfare really felt strongly about what is going on y'all would be there as civilians standing together with fellow Houstonians against the corruption that has overthrown our government letting your voices be heard. Not as y'alls alter egos or company name, but as your true selves. Why would you want other "aerosol artist" to get the word out and participate under the banner of aerosol warfare event if y'all weren't looking to capitalize off of it in one way shape or form? If i'm not mistaken thats one of many issues they are against. Why make a casting call looking to find artist when y'all are supposedly "artists" yourselves. If anyone else is reading this and is considering participating in this LAME PUBLICITY STUNT I would hope you take a deeper look at the issues at hand and ask yourself why are you considering painting at a event that isn't directly related to the occupy movement and that isn't addressing any of the concerns of the occupy movement. How about showing up to the actual protest and showing solidarity for your fellow man. This doesn't have anything to do with art, aerosol art, street art or what ever sub- genre you fall under. I understand everyone wants to make a impact in one way or another using what they can how they can. But why take this opportunity to feed your ego when it is the ego and self interest that has gotten us into this predicament to begin with? If you really want to make a impact go and show support for your fellow man and woman by letting your voices be heard and addressing the issues at hand. Donate much needed food, water, medical supplies, etc. Not by painting your name, picture, or message at a event put on by a true capitalist who profits off of the works of others. If you want to make a impact aerosol warfare, go donate some of that money you have gotten from the same corrupt corporations you have done work for…..

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