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Salute 2 All Da Houston Writers... EDC, RTL, DTS, EM... Hope 2 Do A Couple Of Walls Around The SouthWest With Yall...

Hey Houston,   Been out of the game for a number of years. Used to write Save and Groes back in the early 2k's. Life situations have changed as I've gotten older and businesses developed. Just

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Originally posted by pure heat+Oct 28 2004, 08:02 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (pure heat - Oct 28 2004, 08:02 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-down4htown713@Oct 28 2004, 05:35 PM

if there is shit goin on around the city i aint seein it so in the meen time im a keep doin what i do . . .


maybe you don't see the 10 pictures i post every sunday night.


The Baer trows are clean and there are some new verb meat & jet bombs down south :five-o:

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tfs, i'm not sure if you are operating on basic human reasoning right now,


but i am not baer. i never have been and never will. i have also never spoken to a policeperson, so i resent this "snitch" comment. and did you get your vocabulary from bad graffiti? read a book.

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Originally posted by down4htown713@Oct 29 2004, 10:34 AM

well . . . as for baer maybe . but his toy friends i choose to not waste my time , as far as them meat n verb r concerned i'll keep my eyes open . . . and any one else worth the time . . .



yeah dude. wack toyz.


not like us, though, us real kings, true legends.


love always,


down4htown713, pure heat, and cope2.

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tfs Posted Today, 06:23 AM

you keep talking shit dont you. fuckin SNITCH.






anyways...i think most kids in houston will believe a bunch of straight up kids rather than some drugged out wanna-be gangster fags.

GROW UP. at least it doesn't take 3 of us to beat up a high school kid...you guys are really gangster. and scary...i want to be like you guys...you guys are my rolemodels...hahaha...at least i won't have tits tattooed on my back like your homie....

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Keep those little rumors comin so everybody thinks we the bad guys. baer got it one on one with another hs kid and didnt do shit . NOBODY else touched him. so all of you on here believe faGUTS. hes spreading shit. the guy whos tight to your face, "no beef", then leaves and talks shit. why do you think all the true cats and old schoolers hate him. we know better.

its gonna catch up with you one of these days and everyone will see...

i remember when you started, sittin at poets house with dreads and sandals smelling like shit. trying to draw wak ass pentagrams, after that it was dry ass marker tags on signs that were the ugliest shit ive EVER seen. dont front like youve been down forever because all of us know how you started. then you go up north and TALK your way into 20 crews and come back frontin like youre hard. FAKE.

thats why yougot fucked up and had to eet thru a straw, for talkin shit. youre nothing. youre very smart like a fuckin snake and you get kids to listen to you by your mouth. your a mouth nothing more,no strength, nolife, nothing. but after this youre not gettin anymore of my hate. you dont exist. im not blowin my energy on you you fake. hows youre kid? i hope he never gets to know you...we dont need any more shit in the world.

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its funny mr. TFS when you catch up to me I bet you won't do a goddamn thing. you're pussy. everyone knows where i started and where you started. everyone knows i had dreads and was a crusty kid. i STILL wear sandals....i don't need to wear shoes to beat your skinny ass. i don't sweet talk shit eithere....just your momma. and mebbe the othere busted ass bitches you're hanging out with. as for talking about my kid....at least he'll never live in a halfway house or be some broke little nigger or somethin, like most people we know. and I don't care about the "real" niggers in Houston either...most of em are human garbage. so when you see me, do something. cause I know next time I see you, you're getting snuck on. Go back to Spring with all the other rich kids. Fake Gangster. <3<3<3


oh yeah...and as for Baer. I believe that kid rather than some cracked out white kids getting kicked out of L.A. and shit coming to Houston acting like they're gangsters. get real.

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First off they DID jump him as far as believing he got his ass beat by Anis or whatever he writes.. thats bullshit. And they all 3 almost put him into a coma. I know who the bad guys or whatever.... Ya'll know noone snitched anything bout writin, gave no graff names, so keep spreading the rumors. Its like they can jump 50 people then they almost get in trouble for it one time and everyones butt hurt.. SNITCHES???? haha yah its a good word to throw around( specially to the rest of the graff scene) i wounder if people actually beleive that shit. Like he a snitch and rats on writers for there graffiti. get real. Baers up. These are the facts .

Not trying to talk down just sayin quit spreading shit, especially about me cause I had no part in any of yall retarted beef and preticuallarly don't give a shit..

No wonder htown is so wack....As far as downforhtown 713 ...

So what do You write????? posting GY yah im sure i know you....HAHAHA

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