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more like 2 decades but whos counting?


felon is one of my favorite graffiti faggots ever. hahah.


i remember when some toyish sonny sonnerton 100% bit a dalek character at that old 34 street wall.

fucking toyish motherfuckers.

i like it though. its pure comedy.


you can get away with shit like that in a place like houston though where the kids dont even know about the graffiti in their own city much less the rest of the world. which in 2010 is fucking nonsense because everyone uses the fucking internet...

i think im gonna start writing dondi713. hella tight bro.


this is tru it sad to see that no1 uses the resources they have to learn a lil wat happened to bak in the day wen one had to kno shyt to even hit the streets these days its a fukin free for all shyt aint even fun like it used to be its more of a dam job now but ey one will neva quit

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