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Area 08 - Music Tunes

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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me any of the names of the songs or their artists that feature on the "Area 08" graf video as i cant find a tracklisting anywhere? I havent been able 2 get a real copy of it, so the only one i have is half a copy downloaded frm the internet so i duno if theres any credits? Thanks for any help

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Music In Order Of Apperance:


Promoe - Conspiracy instrumental (intro, a lot of unpainted trains (and a bus) rolls by)

Sekkon Thautz - Beatfighter (Rilo)

DJ Large - The Synthsong (Panelbreak)

Organism 12 feat Session - Ungdomshälsan (Unik-Sad)

Sekkon Thautz - Guitarr'Song (Bombing)

Sekkon Thautz - Jazztune (Killah-Nick-Rilo)

Promoe - Magnetism (Hotel-Robob-Karma")

4:e Världen - Vad!? (Yelow-Hotel-Klas-Tena-Arsle)

Samee - Zeminautomatic (Eld-Eil-Arla)

Sekkon Thautz - Cib (Isley-End-Xelnt)

Looptroop - Ambush In The Night (Moa-Aus)

Ison & Fille - Se Vad Vi Ser (Panel Break)

Looptroop - Modern Day City Symphony (Cow-Rock-Cash)

Ison & Fille - Extra Extra (Bombing)

Sekken Thautz - My Domain (Writers-United-FC)

Sekkon Thautz - Rock (Thrashing)

DJ Large - Babycry (Panelbreak)

DJ Large - Scary Beat (Unik-Sad-Asle-Geni)

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