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Me and my boys pulled off a nice scam once.

We called Papa Johns and ordered pizza, we told them we had a buy 1 get 1 coupon. The guy came and delievered the 2 pizzas for the price of 1 but never asked for the coupon. Those pizza delivery people never ask for the coupon. And if they do just act like you lost it and start searching the house for it, theyll eventually just say forget the coupon.


Oh heres another one.

If its crowded at the movie theater, go and pick up a ticket stub off the ground. When theres a big line being rushed in just flash the ticket stub and say youre going back in. They wont look at the time on the ticker. I used to have a job ripping tickets so I personally know this one works.

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ok. i used to werk at a movie theater. a really corrupt one. we would scam about 4 bills outta the box office every day. but besides that we were always lookin for other scams. so for a while we had our eyes on this change machine. so after we planned it all out i went and rented a uhaul truck cuz that machine was crazy heavy. so i pulled the truck up to the side door and waited till the coast was clear. then we loaded that bitch up on a dolly and wheeled it right out the door into the truck. so we then had to somehow get the bitch open. my friend actually hit it with his car about three times and did nothing to it. so we took it back to my apt. and took a crowbar to it. it took about 5 of us about 2 hours to pry that bitch open but once inside we were ballin'. total we pulled about 8 bills in paper and about 3 bills in quarters. man i would love to get a come up like that again.



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Originally posted by Tofu:

kid toucher-->Weren't they wondering where the change machine went?! What happened?


nah see we had this 50 year old retarded lady tearin tickets. so she just made up an alibi for us. sayin some shit like "yeah i saw two guys that worked for the game company come in and take it." yeah she was fuckin crazy. so we didnt have to do shit. and what made it even easier was that we had a regional supervisor helpin us. so it was smooth as hell.





"All governments are, in equal measure, good and evil. The best ideal is ANARCHY." --Leo Tolstoi

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