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Bic Runga aka Music that goes against everything I usually listen to

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Ok, I dunno what the fuck is up with me.


Here are my usual music tastes:


Progressive metalish style stuff:



Spiral Architect


Gordian Knot



Hardcorish stuff


Inside Out

Poison The Well


Stuff that's still heavy, but a bit more melodic

A Perfect Circle


The Gathering



US and UK Hip hop

[all sorts of stuff here, mainly underground with some exceptions]


And then


Bic Runga


I first heard the song "Sway" played at some house party I was at, and due to a cocktail of cocktails and various other substances (e.g. breadcrumbs), it got me the closest to crying I have been in years.


So I went and downloaded the album, and I just find it beautiful. I know nothing about Bic Runga, whether it's the name of the band or the singer, where they're from etc, just that I really like the girl's voice and the songs. And it goes against EVERYTHING else that I listen to. It's not heavy, it isn't bouncing... it's... almost... pop.


And that just confuses me like hell. It's the only remotely pop thing I can tolerate, and I don't just tolerate it, I love it.


Anyone else suffer from these random music tastes, or have anything to say about Bic Runga?

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Well, I finally bothered to type Bic Runga into google.


Would seem Bic Runga is name of the girl, and not the band.


Couldn't find any pictures of her smiling, so can't comment on the teeth.




To be honest, I couldn't give a fuck what she looks like, I just like the music. It taps straight into my emotional baggage area.

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The title of the song 'sway' comes from a peice of graffiti she saw in Auckland, New Zealand.





Bet you didnt know that huh?

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Nah, just heard it in some interview with her. She was big in NZ for a while, sort of local girl makes good sort of thing. But umm, sorry to disapoint you.

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