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Democratic Presidential candidates

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What do you all think? Generally my motto is fuck the Democrats. I mean, when shit get's serious, the democrats have always supported blatantantly imperialist moves - Hiroshima, Vietnam, Gulf war's one and two... They're really no different from Republicans, at least not in any serious way. They represent the same ideals of their wealthy supporters, big buisness.


All that aside, here are my thoughts...


Howard Dean is alright, but I'm not really crazy about him. My big problem with Howard Dean is this - yeah he was against the war, we were all against the war. Now the war is over (despite on average 2 American's dying daily) and we've got a real fucked up occupation. Dean doesn't seem to have any plan of action in getting us out of there.


Lieberman - guy needs to accept that he's not ever going to be President and stop trying already.


John Kerry (Kerrey?) is a fucking douche bag. Voted for the war, then came out against it for his campaign. Boooooo. Get a new hair-do you stupid fuck.


Wesley Clark - I like this guy a lot. In fact my only problem with him is that he associates himself with the Democratic party. He supports worker's unions, has a good plan for getting us out of Iraq, is all for education, aggressive health coverage for all Americans... so far homie gets my vote.


Anyways, what do you all say?

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howard deans motives are for taxing and regulating better security in the stock market (he prob has alot more, but i dont know it)

pretty much dean wants every tax higher up or bring back some old ones (some taxes:death tax back, marriage penalty tax back, income tax rate increased by about 5 percent for each social class, dividend tax higher and capital gains tax higher)


al sharpton is mainly going for an advertising goal for mainstream america--i believe he was on snl? or is suppose to be


all i know is alot of them fucked up in the past and theyre getting alot of heat on that and their strategy is oppose bush no matter what, ha


if it comes down to bush or dean.. im for bush, but im one year off for voting so not much ha

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holy super standard boring upstanding citizen anglo-saxon whiteboy next door names.


like, they might have well just picked random rich white dude names from a phone book and asked them to run, it would have made 0 difference if say

howard smith

alan green

gary brown

henry johnson

ran, im sure their the exact same person.



(last 4 people are fictional, just an example of standard all american names for dudes)

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